Fernando Méndez-Leit, Academia de Cine. new president of


He succeeds Mariano Barroso with the support of 348 academics from the institution – out of a total of 820 votes –

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Film director Fernando Méndez-Leit has been chosen as the new president of the film academy, replacing Mariano Barroso. 348 Academics Support The organization’s — out of a total of 820 votes –.

For the first time in the history of the institution, four candidates were presented: Valerie Delpierre, Luisa Gavasa, Teresa Medina and Mendez-Leit himself. Méndez-Leit (Direction) teamed up with Rafael Portela (Production) as first Vice President, and Susie Sanchez (Interpretation) as second Vice President.

On the same day, half of the board of directors has also been renewed. The assembly is open to academics only, who are able to vote online and by post, and that they have also been able to exercise their right to vote during the assembly. From the Academy it is explained that it has been one of the days More “participatory” in recent years.

From 10.00 to 11.30 The ballot box was open at the Madrid headquarters for academics with voting rights — Full Members, Additional Members, Honorary Members and Associate Members –.

Méndez-Leit’s candidacy prevailed over Valerie Delpierre (documentary), presented with Emparo Clemente (interpretation) and Alicia Luna (script), while Luisa Gavasa (interpretation) was replaced by Juan Vicente Córdoba (director) and Virginia’s was supported. Yage (screenplay).

In addition, the candidacy presented by Teresa Medina (Director of Photography) was completed by Pilar Pérez Solano (documentary) and Cristina Rodriguez (costume design) and was made up of technicians only.

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