Fernando Simone explains that, for the time being, “it will not be necessary to vaccinate against monkeypox”.


Simon attends a conference of the Orens College of Physicians on COVID and notes that the pandemic is “falling down” in Spain

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Fernando Simone, director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies.EFE
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epidemiologist and director of the Coordinating Center for Health Alerts and Emergencies, fernando simnyIn the framework of a presentation on Orans has visited COVID-19 at City College of Physicians. Before the act, he wanted to send a message of “calm and discretion” in the presence of monkey poxAn infection for which he has indicated for the time being that “vaccination in Spain will not be necessary”.

“We need to know the existing information a little bit better, assess it better to be able to give an accurate answer. what is needed now is calm And little margin for investigative technicians to do their job thoroughly, “he requested that Spain have a surveillance system” which is trying to be very sensitive to detect as many cases as possible.

Thus he said that “It is not known” if more cases will emerge, but “it will be disposable nothing”. “There are people with smallpox who have not yet been exposed and there are people who have not started symptoms,” said the epidemiologist, who has responded to doubts about vaccination for the disease.

“Right now, with the information we have and the initial position of experts in Spain, Vaccination will not be required”, he insisted, although “it is an option.

Despite these statements, he cautioned that this statement “may change in a few days based on incoming information”, so “we should be cautious when making this type of proposal”.

of the United Kingdom, a “different status”

simultaneously, Yes has emphasized that the decision on whether to vaccinate or not should not be allowed to be imposed “for non-techno-scientific reasons, due to pressure outside the areas that decide on this type of situation.”

has referenced United Kingdom, stating that the situation in one country and another is not comparable as they have had “several imported cases and several smaller outbreaks in recent years.” “Their situation is different from ours and that of the rest of the European countries,” he insisted.

Buying Vaccines?

With regard to the purchase of vaccines, he has indicated that it is “an issue” that You have to manage the company with the manufacturer dosage and “assess whether, in case of need, they can be achieved”.

Similarly, he explained that the vaccines being proposed are not only used for monkey pox, but also for other pathologies, “so we must first know whether vaccination is needed and we must have the margin to assess whether this will be possible”. “If there will be availability for us and also for all the countries that may need them,” he said.

In the same sense, Yes has asked that “things do not get out of hand” and “they should be taken with a certain calmness”, adding that the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Health are working on a document that will “set out rules and regulations for the management of relations”. Indicates the guidelines” animals”.

Overall, in Spain “normal pets should preferably not be at greater risk, although this should be carefully studied.”

light and shadow

It’s all referenced Yes before appearing in College of Physicians of Orense with a paper under the title ‘Covid-19’ in Spain; Light and ShadowIn which, two years after the pandemic, he has made a critical analysis of the country’s response to the coronavirus crisis, from the health sector to information, as well as the lessons learned.

“Global health requires global responses”, he recalled during his conference, in which, in response to media questions, he discussed the current state of the pandemic in Portugal.

The neighboring country currently has one of the highest incidences in Europe, speaks of another wave and is even reconsidering the mandatory use of masks. For Yes“Without looking at what’s happening in other countries”, Spain is not currently considering similar measures “that are imposed in countries with high levels of contagion” because transmission “is on the decline” “.

Along these lines, the director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies has emphasized the importance of vaccinationBecause “most severe cases and fatalities are avoided”: we should have a certain peace of mind because the evolution of the epidemic is very different from what it was a few years ago”.

protect the weak

However, this does not mean that control measures are not implemented “if necessary”, but that for now “the aim is above all to protect the vulnerable”.

To do so, he said “the measures are clear” and are based on “progressively fixing all health care that has been shut down during these years of the pandemic.”

“We must return to a health system that addresses the health needs of the population, not just the coronavirus, and the situation and strategies proposed by Spain move in that direction,” Simeone stressed.

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