Fight for Gay Pride in Palma: The sacked mayor of Podemos authorized the event minutes before its end


Before the PSOE mayor ousted her and canceled the festival, Sonia Vivas signed the decree. This could shield the organizers and force the city council to compensate them. Controversy continues after organizer says: “People from the countryside who have never seen homosexuals will come”

Sonia Vivas, in an act of the city council, from whose government she has been expelled.
Sonia Vivas, in an act of the city council, from whose government she has been expelled.
  • Polemic. “People will come from the countryside who’ve never seen a gay man and say: ‘Look, they’re just like any other person!

Follow earthquake The controversy surrounding the celebration of Gay Pride Week led to the removal of the politician in Palma City Council. An earthquake that began when a businessman organizing an event promoted by Podemos said the week would be “a great opportunity” for “people in the countryside” and “towns have never seen gays” to come to the city. and when they see them they can say “Look, a gay, he’s just like any other person”

PSOE’s mayor downgraded a day after canceling event Sonia VivasThe former councilor of Social Justice of United We can be responsible for the area organizing the festival, it is known that the mayor did not go without first planting an administrative mine in the guts of the municipal government.

only 40 minutes ago Following his dismissal, and in the face of increasing pressure from his government colleagues, Vivas signed the authorization order for Pride Week, to be held in Palma for the first time. A process that was performed by digital signature and of which the mayor was not previously reported. that he authorized the organization of the event, which will be in charge of the company Ella Global Community

This signing caused a legal problem for the Palma city council, as it could mean that the public treasury would have to indemnity For the company organizing the events and its suppliers. They all came hand in hand with the outgoing councillor, who presented the week with them at an official function which included organizing businessmen, German Kristin HansenSaid the already famous phrase of homosexuals and country people.

Just yesterday, the organizers of the recently canceled Gaurav (it was to be held between June 18 and 25) announced that they would take legal action as they arbitrarily cause damages. Presumably they will claim compensation, alleging that they have already incurred expenses.

The firm of Vivas, which gave political impetus to the event and managed it with its organisers, could pay the final compensation to the land and pay to the city council, of which it had been a part for the past three years. Is. ,

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loss legal services The committee headed by PSOE is analyzing the matter. Mayor, Socialist jose shakeUnaware that the authorization was signed when yesterday at 2 pm they decided to sack the councillor.

Although Vivas initially kept his minutes as councillor, mounting pressure from leftist groups, especially from within Podemos, forced him to change his norm, and he eventually submitted his minutes.

This fact has prevented a coalition government between the nationalists of PSOE, Podemos and Ms. from remaining in an absolute minority. So keep another councilor from the opposition.

Most of Vivas’s critics have been her former teammates of Ms., who criticized not only the tone of the controversy phrase, but a weeklong focus on the design of the protest actions, which they believe. “an objectification” LGTBI claim

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