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King Juan Carlos during his visit to Saudi Arabia
King Juan Carlos during his visit to Saudi Arabia in 2006.wasim obaidEFE
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The anti-corruption prosecutor’s office has agreed to file an investigation into the payment of the commission for the construction of the AVE to Mecca by a Spanish trade union. These pre-trial proceedings were opened in 2018 when German businessman Corinna Larsson confirmed in a recording made by Commissioner Jose Manuel Villarejo that the king emeritus had received a commission a decade earlier in exchange for arbitration in this millionaire tender.

In the file decree, to which EL Mundo had access, the Ministry of Public Affairs concluded that it was not possible to determine the commission of the offense of corruption in international transactions.

The anti-corruption recalls that he has in recent years tried to determine whether “commissions were paid by Spanish companies for high-speed construction contracts that cost the cities of Medina and Mecca in Saudi Arabia 80 million euros”. unites to the sum.”. Underlines the prosecutor’s office, “Phase II of said project was awarded to 12 Spanish companies and two Saudi-made Shaula Group.”

Financial sources consulted that this body had agreed to dismiss the anti-corruption investigation proceedings after Saudi Arabia responded through a request commission, pointing out that Bird of the Desert as well known, there is no evidence of any offense in the conduct of. and refused to hand over to Spain the bank documents requested by the prosecutor Luis Pastor.

In October 2011, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Transport and the country’s railways’ managing body, SROAwarded to the Spanish-Arab Association of Companies al shaula Project Phase II Hermann High-Speed ​​Railway, that is, the second phase of the works of AVE Medina-la Mecca. The contract with a group of mainly Spanish companies was signed on January 14, 2012 and set a price of 6,487,914,772 euros for the works.

After a four-year investigation, the prosecutor’s office agreed to record the proceedings because “it is not possible to determine the probable commission of the criminal offense for which they were initiated.”

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