Finland’s President and Government approve candidacy for NATO


Sweden will decide today whether to apply for membership

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin and Finnish President Souli Niinisto in the NATO Declaration
Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin and Finnish President Souli Niinisto in the NATO DeclarationAFP
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President of Finland, suli ninistoAnd the Finnish government this Sunday formally approved its country’s request to join NATO, which is expected to be ratified by the Eduskunta (parliament) next week.

The decision was expected to be made official before a decisive meeting of the ruling party in Finland. Sweden In view of the possible request for joint membership of the two Scandinavian countries.

Less than three months after the war in Ukraine began, two Scandinavian nations are preparing to turn their pages military non-aligned currencyIn Sweden dating back more than 75 years to the 19th century and in Finland.

Later break their political neutrality By becoming members of the European Union at the end of the Cold War in the 1990s, post-war public opinion changes in Ukraine moved the two Nordic countries closer to the Western Bloc.

Finland, with a 1,300 km border with Russia, was the first to take the initiative and Sweden is following suit, finding itself outside the coalition led by the only country (with the exception of Russia) on the Baltic Sea coast. is afraid. United States of america.

On Saturday, the Finnish head of state called his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin To notify you of a decision made in a “direct and direct” conversation.

“It was considered important to avoid tension,” said Niinisto, one of the European leaders most in contact with Moscow in recent years.

Putin replied that joining NATO “would be a mistake, because no security threat“From Finland, noted the Kremlin.

no option for sweden

According to the latest polls, more than 75% of the Finns want to join the military alliance, three times the number before the war in Ukraine.

In Sweden, support also increased but to about 50% against 20% of opponents.

Senior officials of the Prime Minister’s Social Democratic Party Magdalena Anderson meeting on Sunday afternoon to decide whether the formation leaves its historic anti-nato stanceReaffirmed at a Congress last November.

Voices have emerged within the party that condemn hasty decisions and avoidance of intense debate. But for analysts, it is unlikely that the party will decide not to jump on the moving bandwagon, at a time when Russia is busy at war in Ukraine.

Robert Dalsko, an analyst at the Swedish Defense Research Agency, acknowledges that Finland “may not have a sense of urgency”. “But the Swedish leadership has realized that they don’t really have a choice. After Finland is gone, that’s what has to be done,” he says.

An unexpected obstacle appeared in its way, highlighting the difficulties of a multi-month process that required the unanimous support of the 30 members of the Transatlantic Coalition.

one of them, turkeyexpressed Opposition to entry from two Scandinavian countriesWhich he accused of being complacent towards members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), in the war with Ankara and on the EU’s list of terrorist organizations.

Turkish Foreign Minister, mevlut kavusogluSaid that he was ready to hold discussions with both the countries and other members of the alliance. their Finnish counterpart, Pekka HavistoWas “convinced” of being able to understand Turkey.

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