Firefighters manage 80% of the perimeter of the Pujera fire


Efforts have been intensified on the eastern side; Meanwhile, the hospitalized firefighter recovers at home with burns

a helicopter
A helicopter works to extinguish a fire in the Malaga city of Turox.Daniel PerezEFE
  • priest Sierra Bermeja fire already affects 2,150 hectares
  • red color They investigate whether there is a connection between the two fires in the Sierra Bermeja.

Forest firefighters have achieved 80% circumference of Pujera fire That, although there is no longer an active flame or smoke, it is constant but not controlled.

The target of those who continue to extinguish the fire that broke out last week in the area of resin In the surrounding area Sierra Bermeja and it’s been carried over 3,500 hectares, It has to be accepted completely.

during the day this monday 120 effects He is continuing the work of extinguishing the fire from the ground, for which he has got the help of seven fire engines and six aerial vehicles.

It should be noted, as explained from infoca, That work has been done “more intensively in the eastern region” because, in the opinion of experts, it is “the one with the most power”.

Of the three firefighters who were injured last week in the incident, the most serious – with one burns on 25% body He has already been discharged and is recovering at home, he confirmed to Infoca.

The second of the wounded, with burns, though more minor, is at home; Whereas the smoke has become poison He has already returned to work.

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