Firefighters stabilize two out of six active fires in Catalonia


Of greatest concern are the Lladurs and Artesa de Segre, due to the difficulty of accessing the burning area.

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Simultaneous fires in Catalonia challenges the tools devised by the Department of the Interior to cope with this summer’s forestry campaign, stressing teams too quickly and revealing that multiple fires can happen at the same time. But there is a shortage of troops, as happened this week in Catalonia. However, firefighters continue to work and for the time being they have stabilized the Corbera d’Abre and Salant fires.

Two teams with about thirty soldiers remain to douse the flames. In addition, they are intensifying action to stabilize them at Castellar de la Ribera and Ogorn, which could happen in the next few hours. However, the fire in Lladur, very close to Castellar, is of concern, as it is unstable and there is a risk that the flames will affect a large forest area. 100 hectares were burnt but according to firefighters there is a potential risk of reaching 50,000.

Work is being done on the Artesa de Segre fire in the same direction as the three containment zones, but one to the west, heading towards the Montsac Massif, is the most uncontrolled. This fire has burnt 1,300 hectares. Work has been done tonight to control several outbreaks and it is hoped that farmers will be able to plow more fields this Friday to douse the fires.

With the Extinction set to work, the Villager Agent and Mosos d’Esquadra are working to trace the origins of the fire. Everything indicates it may have been an electrical fault, although the remains are analyzed to determine that it wasn’t an agricultural burning that got out of control.

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