First case of a woman infected with monkeypox in the community of Madrid


It is directly related to the chain of transmission of relationships between males.

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According to health ministry sources, a woman in the community of Madrid has been infected with monkeypox and this is directly related to the chain of transmission between men.

Madrid region connects 65 confirmed cases of monkeypox (one female and 64 male), 44 ruled out and 30 suspected As of this Thursday at 4:00 pm update from the health ministry, the results of the lab tests are pending. All positives develop favorably.

Prior to this, the community of Madrid had recorded 51 positive cases of monkeypox, twenty nine negative and 43 suspected cases, pending study.

Enrique Osorio, Minister of Education, Universities and Science and spokesman for the Government of the Community of Madrid, urged the Ministry of Health this Thursday To buy vaccines “as soon as possible” To be able to bring them into direct contact with people suffering from monkeypox who are already located in this area with the aim of “completely isolating this infection.”

“If within four days after contact, a person who may have had monkeypox because of his contact, is vaccinated, he does not get the disease and if you do it within fourteen days it can cause symptoms to become severe.” Turns away”, explained Osorio to reporters in the final of the first linguistic competition of the community of Madrid.

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