First summer warning of year hits peninsula, with “midsummer values”


Emmet has activated a yellow warning due to the risk of maximum temperatures, which will continue through the weekend

Some tourists on a beach in Fuerteventura.
Some tourists on a beach in Fuerteventura.EFE
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  • Spain A “very unusual” heat episode would push the thermometer into the 40s.

today comes tuesday first warning for summer of the year for mainland Spain because the State Meteorological Agency (Emet) predicts 36 degrees between 2:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. on the coast of the Ebro in Zaragoza.

it is yellow notice Due to the risk of higher maximum temperatures, it will continue for the same hour this Wednesday and in the same region of Zaragoza Province.

Not in vain, Emmett’s prophecy indicates that temperature will rise In most of the peninsula except in western Galicia, where they will go down. The thermometer will read more than 35 degree In the Guadalquivir valley and in the middle of the Ebro.

las hottest capitals They would be Cordoba and Zaragoza (36C); Granada, Lleida and Seville (35); Albacete (34), and Jan and Marcia (33). On the other hand, light conditions are expected over A Corua, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Pontevedra and Santander (23).

This situation would preface “a progressive and practically normal increase in temperatures over the peninsula and the Balearic Islands” throughout this week, which would lead the thermometer “Midsummer Values” With “heat both day and night”, according to Emmet spokesman Ruban Del Campo.

“From Wednesday the 18th and probably until Sunday the 22nd, 34 or 35 degree Large areas in the center and south of the peninsula during the middle hours of the day, also in the Ebro Valley and over a good part of the peninsular region during Friday and weekend, except the northern third,” he remarked.

up to 40 degrees

Del Campo said: “Those 34 or even 35 degrees in the Balearic Islands will be exceeded. It is also possible that we will already talk about this first 40 degrees The maximum temperatures of this year 2022 in points in the valleys of the Tagus, Guadiana and Guadalquivir”.

He also assured that “above all, by Friday, this” Temperature In cities like Badajoz, Seville or Córdoba. Other important cities, such as Zaragoza, Toledo or Madrid, may be at 38°. will be more than maximum temperature,

“In these same areas, moreover, night temperature will be very high, At many points it does not go below 20 degrees, that is, we will talk about tropical nights.

As per the latest forecasts, the day temperature from Thursday and above all, from Friday to Sunday will be between 10 and 15 degrees up Common for the time of year in most of the peninsula. Night temperature will be 5 to 10 degrees above normal.

It is likely that temperatures will drop again from next Monday to reach more specific values ​​by the end of May.

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