Fito: “The relevance of a musician is measured by his popularity among young people”


He started his solo career 25 years ago and the Bilbao rocker is still one of the most popular in Spain. After his historic concert in San Mames, he continues this summer with one of the most successful tours

Fito Cabrales.
Fito Cabrales.Javier Barbancho
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talk to fito cabrales (Bilbao, 1966) Showing a wave of generosity and good vibes is not free from sadness. A descendant of Little Richard, the tattooed and slender nuncio of rock and roll, the few electric guitar commanders are increasingly on the charts, their success, so spectacular, is already countercultural. They are 25 years at the head of Fitipaldis. Their tour takes them across Spain, with the final historic stop at the stadium. San Memes of Bilbao Broadcasted by TVE’s La 2. Four WiZink Centers is now just a feat within your reach.

Did you expect such a large TV audience? Half a million people!
Luckily we were blown away by things surrounding the concert. We didn’t even notice for a moment.
This is not his first rush. I remember Bilbao in 2004, 100,000 people
It was more unexpected. We could not go back to the hotel even after sound check.
Does anyone get used to it?
never. Maybe the Stones, who have more callus… When we went to San Mames the other day we were in 5 Black Vans. Maintained by the Municipal Corporation to be able to come. we looked like men in Black, I was so nervous that I would have liked to be taken to the hospital. I was going to have a fit. His heart was like a hummingbird. Then already, once you step on the stage, it’s over. You are like at home. But until then… oh.
The nerves go with the work.
I think they come from the respect of the public. You want to be the best version of yourself. During the two and a half hours of the concert. Not before or after. No, at that time. For most of us, if they put a train on the preview, we’ll catch it. Then the illusion of playing always wins.
I’m not saying you have to carry Rock Flag, but are you some kind of last resort?
Nah, that makes me so happy that the rock continues to hook young people. The relevance of a musician is measured by his popularity among young people.
It keeps you alive, present.
If they don’t like you, you stop for a lot of rock festivals, which isn’t bad either, but… we’re lucky our message still reaches.
Fitipaldis started off as an adventure to downplay the success with Playtero… Did you imagine it?
When you start a band all you want is to play. For any musician, success over the weekend is a gig. Let’s not talk anymore if you can live by rock and you don’t have to dedicate yourself to a lousy job and you can turn to music. Now no one is ready for this popularity. I was lucky that I began to experience it at the end of Plato. Then I went to bars, to small places, to small rooms. I know the way blindfolded. I don’t think, mind you, that makes you less of an asshole, or smarter, but I certainly appreciate this success with bones. I know what it’s worth. Which means someone picks one of your songs from millions.
Why is it taking so long to publish your album recently? Is it hard to motivate yourself every day?
As Carlos Raya says, teach only what you like. We are all demanding and hey, you write songs because you want to express yourself. There comes a moment when you’re no longer a kid, you no longer want to be Fogerty or Hendrix, but you.
And that’s the job.
And that’s what its cost is. This is where the panic of blank paper arises. We all love picking up a guitar or thinking about a drum intro. But it wouldn’t make sense for them to write it for you when you want to express yourself. That’s why it takes so long. Others have a talent for typing fast. I want to go with my bicycle.
You write things. Some idioms go on for years. I don’t know how many songs I have. Sometimes you have one song and eventually have three. Other times there are three and end in one. You devote some time to one, suddenly an idea comes to the other…
Tired of asking about your old drug problems?
No, because, look, if I can feel useful to someone who’s going through this, that’s enough for me. I’ve always tried to generalize it. Then having a plan B is a must. I was lucky. I had music. You can’t just quit drugs. Because they are thrown away, but also fall behind. You need to fight yourself. Terrible things will happen to you in life and you have to get over them.
After drugs, it’s time to learn to write again. with water.
Nor are we going to be politically correct. They are wonderful at making medicines. They help to write from another angle. Unless you can’t function without them. You need time to get out. Rearrange the head. It’s not easy.
I read that you claim in Little Richard.
It is that he is my king, my lord. I dreamed of setting up such a group. I also liked Border Rock and Roll, Tex Max, with that Mexican touch. I dreamed of going there, putting a sax…

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