Five nutritional supplements that get Ator OCO in top shape at age 45


NGL Durantez, Founder of Henao Wellness Clinic and Technical Director of Longvitas Labs, has launched a new line of supplements with essential products to address mineral and vitamin deficiencies as a result of their diet and lifestyle.

Businessmen on the roof of Seeds restaurant (Madrid).
Businessmen on the roof of Seeds restaurant (Madrid).Keike Miranda
  • healthy aging Advice from a pioneer of preventive medicine in Spain to live longer and with the best quality of life

Neither secret formula nor destiny. His, he assured, is nothing more than “Work, work and work”“He is both the head of a growing health and wellness emporium headed by Henao Wellness Clinic (Bilbao) and his lifestyle habits since starting his professional career as a footballer.

He says that, when he made his first-class debut, “I weighed only 73kg—eight less than when I retired—with my 1.87m tall. lvaro Benito called me. curly spike,

at a time when strength routine Still did not enter into football’s physical preparation plans, Vittorian He secretly trained in his city gym Because the heaviest dumbbell in his club’s Sports City was 10 kg. “It was thought that doing strength work slows the athlete down when it’s the exact opposite, just look at the bodies of 100m dash athletes.”

And, if there was any doubt about it, he explains that “I did not train for an aesthetic issue, which is, in the end, one of the direct consequences of doing things well, but because I believed that, in this way, improve my performance on the field and to some extent avoid possible injuries, Also, playing central defence, it was clear to me that either I got stronger, or the forward could beat me”.

What’s more, it was the strength training he did well that allowed him to remain active despite the physical setbacks that arose during his career. “At 24, my shoulder came out for the first time, and I didn’t have surgery until I was 32. I was able to endure all those years without surgery, thanks to protective muscle structure that I was able to ‘build’ through good strength training”.

During those years, it was precisely when he began to take supplements: “magnesium, vitamin C … I took the vitamins the club recommended, but always consciouslyThat is, trying to understand and inform myself about its benefits. And, of course, always following an expert’s guidelines.”

A pioneer in preventive medicine for healthy aging – a specialty that seeks to optimize age-related biomarkers to prevent or delay potential pathologies that may arise over the years – in Spain and Technical Director of LongVitas Labs, NGL Durantez was one of the doctors he went to to find out how he could give Qualitative leap in their physical condition And, at the same time, begin to strengthen the foundation of that energetic and disease-free longevity that we all dream of achieving. “The passing of the years and the weight It is seen from 35 or 40 And I want to increase this vitality, this potential and this energy as much as possible and for this it is necessary to control certain indicators, which are decreasing due to the natural aging process”.

This close bond of friendship, which was immortalized years earlier in the preface that Durantez wrote in Personal Training and Nutrition: The NAVOBC Training Method, a book published by Eter Ocio in collaboration with personal trainer Nacho Villalba, Now the launch has come into effect. ‘Essentials of Ater Leisure’A limited edition of premium nutritional supplements designed by Longevitas Labs, a 100% Spanish laboratory founded by Ilona Calparasoro D’Eliassi and specialized in age management and physical wellness.

What are those ‘essentials’? “Formula” Magnesium bisglycinate; vitamin D34000 UI; Omega 3 EPA 600 mg / DHA 400 mg; life thread (protein shake made from vegetable protein from pea and rice, vegetable extracts, vitamins and prebiotics) and krakuma Of course these are all necessary for the proper functioning of our body, but it is very difficult to achieve optimum value through diet alone, for example. Because, as Dr. Durantez says, it’s hard to take Eat a pound of salmon daily for breakfast to get optimal levels of omega-3s Or sunbathe naked (and without sunscreen) for seven hours every day to meet our vitamin D needs,” explains Businessman.

With this shot of chemistry, those four pillars of healthy living, with the highest quality ingredients and proven scientific evidence balanced dietThe rest, physical activity And this control of emotions, Aitor Ocio currently cultivates the fruits he hopes to harvest in the future. “Our body is the only place we’re going to be in for the rest of our lives and we only have one. As long as we take care of it, it’ll last longer and better. In this, it’s not worth going out. For a draw … you have to go out to win!”. Not bad advice…

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