Flipkart Big Billion Day Exciting Offers, Discounts 6th October 2021 – Date announced check now

India’s one of the best eCommerce players Flipkart is all set to bring billions of people of India to the world of online sales by its exciting “Big Billion Day” campaign which will be happening from 8 a.m. onwards of 6th October, 2021. Flipkart is quite confident that it is going to be the biggest sale ever in India and in this very day this popular eCommerce website will be providing great offers, exciting discounts and coupons on different bestselling products of various categories such as apparel, gadgets, shoes, fitness and many more.
The “Flipkart Big Billion Day” is actually the celebration of its glorious journey since 2007. The date 6-10-2021 is very much symbolizing as 6-10 was the number of the flat from where the founders of Flipkart Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal started their dream of living life of an entrepreneur.

Big Billion Day Offers, Discounts from Flipkart.com

Why Flipkart named it “The Big Billion Day”?

Flipkart is a big name in the eCommerce business in India, and they perfectly named this mega event as “The Big Billion Day” in order to target the country of billion people i.e. India. In this day Flipkart will be offering its customers a large range of categories to shop from. It is going to be the greatest sale ever to be precise it is the sale to end all sales. All the users who will shop products from Flipkart on this day will get additional discounts, large cashback offers and many more exciting gifts from the team Flipkart.

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There will be many surprises for us as Flipkart is likely to offer unbelievable prices for the products from as much as 70 different categories including mobiles, cameras, books, watches, apparels and many more. The eCommerce player is engaging more than 10k stuffs in this event in order to deliver the product on time by providing best quality support for the customers.

Decoding the name “Big Billion Day”

“Big” refers to the largeness of the event as it is going to be the best sale ever happened in India. “Billion” refers to the population of our country India, and the “Day” (6-10-2021) marks the celebration of the Flipkart’s own journey which started from the flat number 610 from the minds of Sachin and Binny (founders of Flipkart.com).

Flipkart The Big Billion Day (6th October, 2021) Facts

  1. Ø Flipkart will be applying the fastest fingers first policy as the best deals products are limited and potential buyers are many.
  2. Ø Flipkart won’t be hampering its reputation so we can expect that the products will be of top notch quality for sure.
  3. Ø It will officially disclose all the offers on 8 A.M. of 6th October, 2021.
  4. Ø You should download and install the Flipkart mobile app to get the best deals on the go quickly in easiest way.
  5. Ø Flipkart is claiming openly that India has never seen this kind of sale ever.

Exclusive offers of Flipkart Big Billion Day

Flipkart Big Billion Day Best Offers

· Many Products at Rs. 1 Only
· Watches, JBL Headphones at Rs. 99 Only
· Flat 90% off on Smartphones (Nokia), Cameras (Kodak) and many more
· Laptops starting from just Rs. 15,000
· Exciting discounts on cloths, TVs, Toys, Perfumes, Books and many more
· 1,50,000 sets of Redmi 1S will be available for sale
· Exciting Cashback from different banks

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Flipkart Big Billion Day Controversies

Many people are claiming that the “Flipkart Big Billion Day” is actually a big troll as it has already overprices the products and then it’ll be offering discounts. People over social media sites are saying that it is actually a cheating, and Flipkart is manipulating the Indians by promoting this event heavily. But actually it is just the same indeed if one can watch the price difference closely.

Wrap Up

We think Flipkart’s initiative of celebrating “The Big Billion Day” is very exciting and it will engage the web communities of India heavily for sure. Flipkart is expecting to do a business of at least 100 Crores on this big day. Yeah some of the products prices have been changed by them prior to the event date but this is how the business works. I’m personally very much excited about it and would love to buy products if it can offer some really good deals.

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