Florentino Prez: “This Mbapp is not my Mbapp, they have confused him”


Real Madrid president also assured at ‘El Chiringueto’ that the Superliga is still alive, although it will depend on the courts

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florentino president, President of real madrid, Revealed everything that happened in conversation with Kian Mbapp, 15 days before the decision is taken and chooses its continuation in PSG He changed his demeanor, saying that “the pressure affected him”, and made it clear that “no player is above the club”.

“He didn’t deceive me, Mbapp made everyone aware of his desire to play for Real Madrid, it was his dream as he has said. We wanted to do it in August and they didn’t let him. They didn’t accept Offer, they didn’t want to sell it. Go but you had to wait a year, they always said their dream is to come, but fifteen days ago they changed the situation due to political and economic pressure. They had a blockage and from the easy side came out,” she said beach bar.

Florentino President and CEO Jose Angel Sanchez He had constant contact with Mbapp, but noticed a suspicious change in his attitude. “He told us he wanted to come and we saw that he had changed.”

“An important detail was when he didn’t want to do sponsorship work with his teammates from the national team. Football is a collective sport, everyone is on equal terms, no different. They offered him to be the team. Leaders and Management of the Team I saw that this was not the MBAP I wanted to bring. He must have changed his dream”. Recognized.

“He’s too young and the pressure affects him more. The President of the Republic called him to ask him to leave. It’s not normal. It doesn’t make sense because there are more clubs out there. He wants it to prosper. , Zidane You Benzema They’ve done it at Real Madrid and they’re great to be proud of for president. the mayor called her and they offered her Queue Useless things. It blocked him and affected him a lot.”

According to Florentino Perez, PSG’s latest offers changed the decision of Mbapp, who discovered things about the player that he did not like. “In Real Madrid” There is no one above the club. He is a great footballer but football is a team sport and we have some values ​​and principles which we don’t want to change.”

“I liked her, she made an effort but she”Under pressure, he changed the situation. Finding the needed peace of mind at the age of 23 is not easy. His mother wanted him to come to Real Madrid as it was his childhood dream. He has confessed. They tell us that she is sad, everything is on track and things have changed. I made another decision and you have to respect that. He didn’t come because he didn’t want to,” he said.

An important point pending clarification was the absence of a clause that would have allowed Real Madrid to receive a monetary amount as a penalty for changing the opinion of the French striker.

“It can’t be done,” said Florentino Prez. “There is a rule and you have to go to the club to report that you are in talks with another club. It would have been a big mistake to say that he was in talks with Real Madrid. It was normal to wait for the season to end. This would have been an additional pressure and was not done to avoid damaging Mbapp”, he clarified.

“The Madridista” they were a little disappointed But what was to come Mbapp is not from the end, if so, it is better to stay at PSG. The one I knew was from a dream. Now I don’t dream of seeing him in white because This Mbapp is not my Mbapp. You are confused. I wish you all the best, I have nothing against him. I believed in the dream but no player in the history of Real Madrid has been above the club. We will not make any exceptions.” Manifesto.

He dismissed Real Madrid’s top manager, who Negotiations with Mbapp did not hurt to not fight for Hollande’s arrival. “It had nothing to do with it, we have the best center forward in the world which is Benzema and he is inconsistent with a great player like Haaland at the moment. We weren’t going to get him to sit on the bench.” The president of Real Madrid also assured that the project superleague He is still alive, though it will depend on what happens in court.

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