Former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder leaves Russian oil company Rosneft to avoid being approved


The European Parliament requested that it be included in the list of approved

Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder.
Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder.Getty Images
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for the former German chancellor Gerhard Schröder He sang Checkmate. His close ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin cost him only two moves, cutting privileges reserved for former leaders, a request from the European Parliament to be on the approved list and, this Friday, the departure of the Council of Supervision for Russian State Oil. Company Rosneft.

The statement announcing Schröder’s departure from the largest oil company in Russia and the most important in the world in terms of volume of production and reserves is brief. It was a reproduction of the former chancellor’s will. “It is impossible for me to prolong my mandate”, There are no further explanations, but they are not necessary either. The European Parliament a day earlier threatened to sanction Schröder for refusing to leave a position deemed to be an intermediary between Russia and Western markets, a position that violated sanctions against Moscow. Put between a rock and a hard place, Schröder decides to free Germany from the humiliation of blacklisting the former head of government. Schröder’s resignation came at around the same time as the managing director of the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, German Mathias Wernig, a former Stasi official, a former GDR political policeman and an old “partner” of the agent. KGB Vladimir Putin.

Schröder has been in the limelight ever since he left the chancellor to make way for Angela Merkel and not because he decided to sink his election defeat in business, but because he sold his soul to Putin. Meanwhile, the millionaire former Social Democratic Chancellor has been criticized repeatedly, although given the importance of the character, he was allowed to do so. The invasion of Ukraine changed everything and it was Schröder himself who put himself on target by calling Kyiv’s arms demands “saber noise”. Schröder tried to calm the waters by condemning the invasion and after a brief period of silence emerged as a potential arbiter. between the parties to the conflict, a role for which he was never approved by the German government and for which he was not qualified due to his lack of objectivity.

Thus Schröder’s figure, 78, became a burden for the Social Democratic Party (SPD), to the extent that there are regions that demand his expulsion if he does not voluntarily leave the party. But Schröder clings to the sails of a ship that the former chancellor has gone through since the resignation of the team running his office.

On Thursday, parliament’s budget committee approved a proposal by coalition government parties to curtail the former chancellor’s special powers, including his office in the Bundestag. In the motion, the Social Democrats, Greens and Liberals argued that the former chancellor no longer performed any duties arising from his office, therefore Your Office Should Be “On Hold”,

Last year, staff and travel expenses for the former chancellor’s office staff amounted to approximately 419,000 euros, a figure that does not include the cost of office space and equipment. With the snipe given to that office by the commission, Schröder would only retain his pension and personal security as a privilege.

The move against Schröder’s chip is also a warning to the sailors. From now on, the then government would only guarantee the assignment of former foreign ministers on the basis of performance of obligations derived from their previous position and not on the basis of position. In other words, there are established general rules that all former chancellors must follow, including Angela Merkel.

Schröder’s cuts in privileges do not go far enough in the opinion of the conservative opposition, which calls for Withdraw your pension for damage to international reputation from Germany. Schröder is silent, but has asked his lawyers to legally verify his privileges as a former chancellor.

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