Former ‘Concellera’ Engels will head Chacón Centrum, the new centre-right Catalan party


Former PDECAT Secretary General leads political force to get CIU spot ahead of ‘trial’

Angeles Chacon will lead the new Centem party.
Angeles Chacon will lead the new Centem party.EM
  • city Long shadow of ‘convergence’ corruption dividing PDECAT closes doors to Catalanist reunification
  • Policy Convergence’s heirs regroup in a new party to challenge Puigdemont for the Nationalist vote.

Chacon Angels Will head the new political project, with which the Catalan centre-right intends to consolidate its integration into a single brand. former trade minister in the government of Quim Torra -who dismissed him a month before the disqualification President– and former Secretary General PDECAT Until the end of last year, he will now hold the position cityThe party will fight to capture Joe’s traditional residence convergence and union until the beginning of ProcessNow a decade ago.

The dissolution of the historic federation that shared power in Catalonia with the PSC since the 1980s has in recent years led to the creation of various structures that yearned to take over the liberal role they no longer represented , even PDECATneither before nor after Together for Catalonia,

In Centrem’s gesture, four parties have intervened without representation Parliamentthree of which have their origins in the old CIU: PDECAT – the most genuine successor to CDC and that Chacón had moved away from the juntas to positions of greater centrality-, convergence – Led by the former Minister of the Generalitat brother gordo– You free Led by another former councilor converge, Antony Fernandez Texidos, the fourth group Democratic Leaguewith political scientist astrid barrio as the main face.

Lliures, the only one to have ceased its activity by joining the centrem, and Lliga have already explored the joint candidacy of moderate Catalanism for the 2021 regional elections and even talks without success Has done too. psc to join his list, as he has done in the last two Catalan elections United to move forwardParty of former councilor of the Democratic Union ramen espadaler, well, neither units nor Nationalist Party of CataloniaCreated by former general coordinator of PDeCAT Marta PascalDespite sharing most of its ideology, it has deemed it appropriate to participate in the Centrum.


At the Founding Congress held yesterday, Chacon faced an alternate list led by Teresa Pitarch, General Secretary of the Convergent, forces with the highest dose of the sovereignty ideology of the party-makers. Of the 197 congressmen, 153 chose Chacón’s candidacy and 35 voted for his opponent.

For the presidency, it was possible to present the same candidate, the former deputy of the PDECAT in parliament and the former secretary of the Generalitat’s Educational Policies. Louise Fontewho was elected with more than 94% of the votes.

Centrum begins to roll over without integrating one of the four driving structures, the Convergent (whose members Chacón raises his hand), and with doubts about the role of PDECAT, the party most powerful of those who have formed the foundation. has participated in. Direction after convergence The U.S. has encouraged its bases to join the new project, but its ranks are not unanimous about the new confluence and some members prefer to be on the lookout to oversee Centrum’s development. Former President of the Generalitat arthur masso He explained last January that he would continue as a member of PDECAT, but would not join Centrum, as he seeks to strengthen his institutional profile as a former head of government.

Chacón was the head of the PDECAT list in the 14-F elections, in which after convergence They didn’t get any seats. Now, along with Centrum, he will attempt to “occupy an orphaned place” in parliament with the “Progressive Liberal Centre” project. In the national ideological axis, as a party that rejects a one-way path, its members regard Catalonia as “one nation, one political subject, which has the right to reform and enhance its self-government through dialogue” and “Freely and sovereignly decide its future” within the framework of the legal system.

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