Former Decibelios guitarist admits he abused minors and is satisfied with nearly 11 years in prison


Defendant approached minors under the age of 15 who prostitution themselves and recorded sexual encounters

image of accused in trial
image of accused in trial

Jaime O, the former guitarist of the Decibelius group, admitted that he paid two minors for sex, abused two victims, produced child pornography by filming their encounters, and kept a gun in his home without permission, as Mossos d’ Squad found it. For that reason, he settled for a sentence of 10 years and 9 months in prison at a trial held at a Barcelona court this Thursday, as the prosecutor’s office reduced the nearly 50 years he initially estimated for the accused’s confession. and to compensate the victims by paying 48,000 euros as compensation.

Specifically, the 49-year-old defendant pleaded guilty to two offenses of abetting and abetting the prostitution of minors, two offenses of sexual abuse of a minor under the age of 16, two offenses of child pornography and one offense of exhibitionism. accepted. In addition to illegal possession of weapons, for which he was sentenced to pay a fine of 450 euros.

In November 2019, the defendant entered a WhatsApp group called “Agenda Mundo”, managed by a 15-year-old girl and dedicated to minors of that age who wanted to prostitute themselves, and to have full sex. In return paid 400 euros. He also recorded the meeting on video. A month later, the defendant insisted on the group’s administrator to “bring her a 15-year-old girl” and paid 100 euros.

The prosecutor noted that the defendant met the second victim in January 2020 when he accompanied the first minor to her home. Both the girls met at the health center. The defendant paid the accomplice to locate the girl and then went to her house to show her sex videos and have a full-fledged relationship with another minor. The abuse was repeated on a few other occasions, one of them in a copy shop in Barcelona owned by the accused, and on that occasion also he had offered one of the minors to be a couple when he was 16 years old.

In late January 2020, one of the minors entered the health center’s juvenile crisis unit, so the mother held up the mobile phone and discovered a message from the defendant in which she said “you’re just coming to suck”. The mother launched an investigation through social networks and found the profile of the accused, who was called up and warned her to report. With a prison sentence, the defendant must spend more than 4 years without communicating with the victims upon release from prison.

In this operation, Mosos arrested a minor who ran a WhatsApp group on the charge of helping minors into prostitution. The accused, who was in preventive custody, was one of the guitarists of the group Ska-Oi! The decibels of his final formation and the precise announcement of his dissolution after his arrest.

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