Former Peruvian Vice President Raul Diaz Canseco: “The most serious thing in Peru is corruption”


The founder of the University of San Ignacio de Loyola analyzes the state of convulsions in his country and in Latin America in an interview.

Ral Diaz Canseco, former Vice President of Peru.
Ral Diaz Canseco, former Vice President of Peru.Angel Navarrete
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The region is passing through a turbulent moment, following a lively US summit marked by a series of elections that changed the political character of some Latin American countries, boycotting leaders from Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. Voices of dissent from 2019 resonate strongly, for example in Chile, and with key appointments still missing in this year’s elections, watch Colombia—Gustavo Petro and Rodolfo Hernández face each other in the second round on Sunday—and Brazil—where he returns strongly to Lula da Silva.

Raul Diaz Canseco (1948), along with Alejandro Toledo, the former Vice President of Peru, former minister, economist, businessman and founder of the University of San Ignacio de Loyola, analyzes this regional panorama in an interview with EL Mundo.

“I subscribe to the decision of the United States of America”, Diaz Canseco explains the Biden administration’s decision not to invite Miguel Diaz-Canel, Nicolas Maduro and Daniel Ortega to the Americas IX summit, because they are not countries that “practice democracy.” “While it is true that significant steps have been taken at the summit, others may be taken as a quest to further unite Latin America in the light of the aggression that all the countries under our rule have done.” who see authoritarianism as a delicious snack,” he says.

As far as the settlement on migration achieved in Los Angeles is concerned, “much will depend on the attitude of the US government. Americans will have to analyze history and realize that the United States’ greatest ally has been Latin America.” ” Diaz Canseco is clear about the ground China is gaining in Latin America: “China is buying Latin America”.

The former Vice President of Peru has described as “the error” that the Argentine president, Alberto Fernández, is taking to “build up” a group of countries aimed at re-establishing ties with Venezuela. Díaz Canseco invites Venezuelans (about half a million in Peru) who are scattered throughout the region to “listen”: “Having heard from them how they had to flee, lost everything, because they had to leave their country because of scarcity. of opportunity and freedom. “What association can you have with countries that do not share the same values ​​as you,” reflects the former minister.

,If Peru had given more importance to what is happening in Venezuela, the result would have been different.“, explains about his country. The founder of the Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola, is very critical, but at the same time optimistic about his homeland. “The most serious thing in Peru is corruption, 50 ministers replaced in less than 11 monthsPrivate investment has stopped, public investment is barely going, there is no management …”, analyzes the former Peruvian vice president. A situation that, when viewed from a global perspective, calls attention to the war in Ukraine. “What is coming to the world is hunger” and, in the Andean country, where “there is not enough management for the country’s economic development”, “the bill, which will eventually be inflation, is to be paid by the poor.” will be done by “”.

Looking at previous Peruvian governments, there are chapters of corruption and presidents who haven’t even fulfilled their mandate. Diaz Canseco goes back to Fernando Bellande to find a president who hasn’t been persecuted. Asked whether current President Pedro Castillo would face the same fate, Diaz Canseco insisted: “He is trying very hard not to come.” In addition to qualifying the Constituent Assembly as “nonsense,” which the President wants to launch.

“What we are living today is the result of divisions that exist and are anti-vote”, emphasizes the former Vice President of Peru. “Castillo won because of negative sentiment for Keiko [Fujimori]”, he laments, and emphasizes that the youth of his country have “lost hope” and that many of them leave Peru, even reaching the border with the United States.

“I see very positive feedback from young people in my country, from the middle class, including the humble, that they have become aware that if we all do not unite, we will not be able to move Peru forward, any moment we’ll have a new dawn“, he concluded, calling for a “recovering of political and democratic values”.

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