Former police officer John Lee elected Hong Kong’s new ruler


64-year-old John Lee was the only candidate to succeed Carrie Lam, the outgoing chief executive of the city, which is a business hub.

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John Lee, after being elected as the new ruler of Hong Kong.AFP

former head of security who oversaw it Repression against the pro-democracy movement from hong kong, john leewas appointed as the leader of the new city on Sunday by a small committee of loyalists. pecany,

john lee64, was the only candidate to succeed carrie lamThe city’s outgoing chief executive, an entrepreneurial hub.

His appointment is the first time that a security official has assumed the leadership of the government. hong kong And it comes after several years of turbulent years over the pro-democracy movement and debilitating pandemic control.

Took It received 1,416 votes from a committee made up of 1,461 people, which is 0.02% of the population of 7.4 million people. The rest of the members did not vote.

“I declare that the only candidate John Lee Ka-chiu Was selected in the above election. Congratulations”, announced the judge after the vote. Keith Yeung Kar-HungBy announcing the result.

Committee, . made of political and business elite Loyalty to Beijing, voting took place on Sunday morning.

protest has been banned in hong kong And officials have used a new safety law to block gatherings of more than four people as well as health restrictions.

Local media reported that the police deployed between 6,000 and 7,000 agents to guarantee security during the process.

League of Social DemocratsOne of the few remaining pro-democracy groups staged a three-person protest before the elections began, chanting “Power to the people, universal suffrage now”.

security law

under the orders of the President Xi JinpingChina has sought to shape hong kong In his own authoritarian image, after the large and sometimes violent pro-democracy protests of 2019.

pecany planted a broad security law It aims to eliminate dissent as well as the “patriotic” political system by ensuring that only loyalists China Holding high public office.

Insiders say that Li’s unwavering commitment to that line enabled him to win China’s trust, at a time when other prominent figures hong kong They were considered insufficiently loyal or capable.

Former security minister Lai Tung-kwok recently declared, “He is a man who has passed the test.”

Tookwho spent 35 years in the police hong kong Before joining the government, he inherits a city with various problems.

The pro-democracy movement was crushed by the security law, while the majority of the population opposes Peking’s rule and complains about the inequality prevailing in the city.

hong kongThe G is also facing financial difficulties from two years of stringent pandemic restrictions that have left it isolated while the rest of the world reopens.

Under the slogan “Starting a new chapter together hong kong, Took He has promised a government focused on results, unity and restarting the local economy.

The 44-page manifesto, released last week, outlined some common goals along with some concrete political ones.

Lee assumed office on July 1, the 25th anniversary of the handover hong kong Under Chinese orders from the United Kingdom.

China accept que hong kong Under the “one country, two systems” principle, retain some independence and autonomy for 50 years after the handover.

pecany You Took They assure that the doctrine remains intact, although their critics and Western powers assure that it has already been destroyed.

Li is one of 11 senior Hong Kong and Beijing officials who have been sanctioned for political repression by the United States.

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