Former President Borbola’s brother sentenced to one and a half years in prison for aiding 8 million


The prosecutor’s office sought seven years in prison for ngel Rodríguez de la Borbola, but delays in the judicial process reduced his sentence, although he must return the money.

ngel Rodríguez de la Borbolla with his lawyer in the courts of Seville.EFE

The brother of the former chairman of the board for PSOE, Jose Rodriguez de la Borbola, received more than eight million euros in aid from the Autonomous Administration to rescue his group companies, which were initially going through a very difficult situation. decade. Near. And he succeeded, as the Provincial Court of Seville has ruled, using your contacts with senior officials in the Andalusian government, then governed by the Socialist Party, of which he himself was a member and for which he held public office. The money was disbursed by the Employment Counselor in a completely irregular manner and all the procedures and controls were abandoned following the normal procedure of ERE.

With this argument, the Court of the Fourth Division of the Court of Seville condemned एंजेलngel Rodríguez de la Borbola to one year and six months in prison as a necessary accomplice of the continuing crime of mediocrity with the continuing crime of embezzlement. As in jail. delay In processing the case, Judge Mercedes Alaya launched an investigation in 2011, however, he acquitted Rodriguez de la Borbola from a much longer sentence, as the court reduced his sentence to seven years in prison compared to that of the prosecutor. asked for the office.

Overall, the brother of the former socialist president is not going to go free, as the court has sentenced him to jail for one and a half years, besides three years disabilityObligation to return 8,408,096.42 euros irregularly received in public aid to the public treasury.

Since being acquitted by the court, he is not the only one of the defendants who is better than expected. other four defendants Joe sat with Rodriguez de la Borbola on the bench, which also included the mayor of Cazalla de la Sierra, Sotero Martón (PSOE), understanding that he had no part in the incidents.

just a day after the dispute reptile background The previous Andalusian governments of PSOE distributed ERE in an opaque and customer-friendly manner 679.432.179,09 Euro Entrepreneur for over a decade Angel Rodriguez de la BorbolaBrother of the former President of the Junta de Andaluca Jose Rodriguez de la BorbolaReceived the first irregular aid from the Andalusian government.

It was on July 18, 2001, when Corchos de Cazala SL linked with ngel Rodríguez de la Borbola was pocketed. 1.202.024,21 euro, A day earlier, on 17th July, through a framework agreement signed by the then employment advisor, Reptile Fund was born, If Antonio Vieraand President of the Andalusian Institute for Development (IFA), Antonio FernandezWho later became the Employment Counselor.

the brother of the former chairman of the board, who was also alkali Socialists of the Sevillian Municipality sierra kazala, didn’t get any help. Altogether, five companies associated with Cork related Pocket. 8.4 million of the euro in installments through various grants in the period between 2001 and 2007. The crorepati amount came from budget item 31L, which reptile background of ERE.

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