Four supporters of Athletic Front arrested in Ventas for assaulting two waiters and trying to steal stuffed bull’s head


A 26-year-old employee was attacked, he lost his sight, according to his brother

Four supporters of Atal Front arrested

A group of Atlantic Front extremists previously committed serious incidents at several bars in the Las Ventas neighborhood during the San Isidro Fair youth bullfight, which led to several changes to the bullring. Fans severely attack two waiters at Casa García and El Ruedo complex And the second time he tried to steal the stuffed head of a bull. Four of them were arrested and police are trying to trace others involved in the attacks.

Followers of the Atlantic Front went to Plaza de Toros de las Ventas, Supposedly invited by bullfighter Gonzalo Caballero, An Atlético de Madrid fan, who recently watched the Rosiblanco team’s game at the southern end of the Metropolitano, which will play in Las Ventas on Saturday.

Before the bullfights, fans gathered for a drink at the El Ruedo bar, located on Avenida de los Torreros. They said Gonzalo Caballero had given them tickets and they were cute at all times, says Pedro Tello, the owner of the place.

fans during bullfight He took out the Spanish flags with the Atlético de Madrid shield, He sang and encouraged Gonzalo Caballero while shouting in favor of the Rosiblanco team, which angered many fans. Multiple sources also indicate that some were expelled from the stands, an extreme that has not been confirmed by the bullfighting company.

Around 8:30 a.m., a group of eight or ten followers walked into the 30-year-old Casa García bar on Calle de Pedro Heredia. They were drinking at the door of the premises and went inside to have a drink. around 9:30 A beggar passed by asking for alms, and a young man poured beer into his glass of coins., Several waiters caught his attention, as they were also shouting for Liverpool. When we asked for respect, they started throwing glasses and Litron at my brother. They hit him in the face and blood started pouring out.The employee’s brother said. Samur transferred her to the hospital with injuries with a reserved prognosis. she is in the hospital and the doctor they say you can lose your sight, add this relative. Activists informed the city police and the national police, who arrested the four alleged attackers aged 20, 22, 25 and 30.

The other extremists again went to the El Ruedo bar at 11:30 p.m., where they refused to serve them any more alcohol before fans entered the Plaza de las Ventas to see the bulls. When my son closed the bar, he came out from between the cars. Tookor slammed him by the neck and hit him on the ground.explained to the owner. His wife assured that he was afraid to be condemned. “They have threatened us to end the mess again,” says the owner.

Later, at Caesar’s Bar, in front of the Puerta Grande de las Ventas, he again caused controversy. One of the fans wanted to take the stuffed head of the bull, Says an employee, “He picked it up. He was about to take her on the road when they caught him.At 00.30 they fought among themselves and took the glasses from the bar and everything. We had to throw the gate. Fortunately, the customers were in the salon”, condemned the owner of the premises, Cesar. “This has never happened here. They had come to Madrid to remove a scarf from a 13-year-old boy.”

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