Freedom with allegations of UE Sants de Barcelona coach accused of sexual misconduct


Judge imposed restraining order on three victims, two of whom are minors

A Mossos d'Esquadra car.
A Mossos d’Esquadra car.Mosos d’Esquadra

Barcelona’s 27th Court of Inquiry ordered the release of Saints Koch, arrested for alleged sexual abuse of three victims on duty, two of whom are minors.

at the request of fiscalThe judge compels the accused to appear in court whenever he is called and simultaneously charges restraining order Victims, their address, educational centers and sports centers, and prohibition of any communication with them. The case is open for three offenses Sexual Exploitation.

loss Mosos d’Esquadra They have arrested a coach at the Uni Esportiva de Sant’s club in Barcelona as an alleged perpetrator of the sexual assault of three young players, two of them minors,

According to El Perdico, three players submitted a joint complaint At a Catalan police station on the night of last 30 May.

loss Mosos The 33-year-old coach was arrested from his house at around 1 am yesterday and is scheduled to leave judicial disposition,

the prisoner is accused of a crime Sexual Exploitation The ages of these three players are 16, 17 and 18 years respectively.

Sources close to the investigation have told that three young He has condemned his coach for touching and kissing without his consent.

check of Mosos d’Esquadra It remains open as there are more reports of abuse by this coach.

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