From #IndiaWantsNetNeutrality to #FBBlackout, All You Need to Know – where it all started ?

For the past whole week, it was a long debate by every common man and woman against his/her freedom to use internet without restrictions and it is still in a debate. Within a couple of weeks, TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) will make a final decision against #IndiaWantsNetNeutrality. We already posted a brief article that explains about Net Neutrality from the scratch, which is in understandable manner even by a common person.

For those who still not aware of this problem, pay more attention here.

“We are paying water tax to the government and water is supplied to our home. What if we get some restrictions as follows, in order to use water for drinking we need to pay some small amount and for bathing we need to pay some amount and for washing we need to pay some amount? This is the point where we lose our freedom to utilise water even though we pay water tax.” Is It even imaginable? This is what going to happen if TRAI allows Telecommunication networks to charge for every service.

If TRAI don’t care about our voice against Net Neutrality, Internet Service Provider will track our every move in the internet usage. We need to pay more, to do more. First we need to pay for monthly internet usage. Then in order to access some shopping sites and other services, we need to pay some amount. Other than this, if we need faster internet connection, even need to pay more. How much a common man can spend from his limited family budget to the internet every month?

Do Check: An Open Letter to TRAI from a Common Man to tell #IndiaWantsNetNeutrality
These telecom operators started their talk with Flipkart, initially Flipkart accepts the deal. After seeing India Wants Net Neutrality, they took their move back. Amazon also opposes this bad move of telecommunication networks especially Airtel.

Facebook Blackout for violating Net Neutrality:
#FBBlackout for Net Neutrality

Some people raising that facebook has been violating net neutrality through its ( In order to show facebook that it is not being tolerated, a group of people in facebook already started an event. It is named as Facebook Blackout, which trends as #FBBlackout where people will be deactivating their facebook account for a whole day on 24th April. More than 100 people were already joined and they are ready to deactivate their facebook account for a day. If you want to take part, (join here- and share with your friends, we want net neutrality.
Switching Off All Data Device – Protest for NetNeutrality:

We common people have than TRAI and Telecom operators. In order to show that another facebook event has been created and named 0 Kbps, where people decided to switch off all data devices, broadband connections, DTH services and mobile phones for an hour on 25th April, 12pm – 1 pm. But TRAI deadline is April 24th. It will be better if they do this on or before day instead of doing next day. Let us wait and watch will it make any impact on NetNeutrality. If you wish to take part in SwitchOffDevice event, (join here- already it reaches 20k users and still counting. Feel free to share this post with your friends and support IndiaWantNetNeutrality.

Share your thoughts about FBBlackout and SwitchOffDevice. Also share this post to show your support for Net Neutrality.

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