Gabriella Bravo sent a message to Monica Oltra: “If the credibility of the institution is compromised, I would like to leave”


The Justice Minister assured that she would consider stepping down if he requested her to be charged for the case of an alleged cover-up of her ex-husband’s abuse by Equality. Remember that “there are three sentences that do not leave the administration in good standing in proven facts”

Oltra sees Bravo at a press conference.
Oltra sees Bravo at a press conference.EM

Ministry of Justice and Public Administration, Gabriella BravoWith regard to whether the Vice President and the Minister of Equality, manika oltramust resign when a court has requested their charge to cover them abusing her ex-husband For a minor under guardianship, he insisted: “Of course, in such a situation, beyond criminal responsibilities, in which the credibility of the institution I represent may be compromised, I will plan this”.

In an interview with the Cope series collected by Europa Press, Bravo indicated that we should wait to see if TSJ accuses Oltra, but has acknowledged that the situation is “complicated” because “we are a minor.” talking about. Generalitat “and there is “Three sentences that do not leave the administration in good standing in proven facts”,

In this sense, he insists that he cannot comment on what his colleagues at Consel should do because “each is a master of his own decisions and his own scale of values”, but has stated on an individual basis. , that “everyone must know where morality comes from because Moral values ​​are very important in politics,

However, he lamented that unfortunately “the culture of resignation is not very prevalent” in this country. “It seems that we have to wait for conviction and sometimes it is important to separate criminal responsibility from political responsibility, even one that can affect the institution,” he said.

Thus, he insisted that the Samajwadi Party in this legislature set “clear examples” that “There are red lines that can’t be maintained”While PPs are becoming more reluctant”.

Bravo insists that “in politics you have to be clear that sometimes there are political responsibilities, which does not mean that they are criminally responsible, but you have to consider that certain decisions harm that institution.” may or may not represent you”. For this reason, he claims that “right now, when citizens lack credibility in democratic institutions, significant efforts must be made to protect them and be exemplary.”

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On the other hand, when asked about the possible remodeling of Consel, he pointed out that it is not on President Puig’s mind to know whether he had planned it before the trustee resigned. Manolo MataBut he has pointed out that the “reality” is that his resignation “precipitated or pleased it.”

In any case, he has indicated that Puig is considering a remodeling of Consul. “It does not consider any crisis of the government” and underlined that the President “has all the legitimacy to decide whether he thinks fit to make any change in the final term of the legislature.”

Similarly, he noted a discrepancy with the agreement on the need for a linguistic requirement for officers, which he described as “different visa points”. In this regard, he has insisted that they match in level of training for all ranks except the senior civil service, which “represents only 15% of the public function.”

In that sense, he has once again defended that a B2 is required, not a C1 as his government colleagues propose, the training with which the educational system is complete. “I don’t want to lower anyone’s level”, insisted Bravo, who pointed out that if you want to increase C1 education, you should consider the possibility of making the necessary changes to guarantee that level of Valencian .

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