Gap in Cibeles for spying on Ayuso: Cs accuses two councilors of Almeida of “violating the code of conduct” and “exceeding the limit” of EMVS


Orange Formation joins PSOE and Ms Madrid in commission’s conclusion and points to Borja Carabante and Alvaro González

Almeida and Vilasi
Almeida and Vilaques, in an Act of the City CouncilEFE

The Commission of Inquiry into the Madrid City Council on the spying of Madrid Community President Isabel Diaz Ayuso has opened up even more gaps in the municipal government. While the PP accuses Ciudadanos of being involved in the “circus of the left”, the orange formation indicates two parishioners from the nucleus near Alameda.

In particular, lvaro González, Councilor for Housing and President of the Municipal Housing and Land Company (EMVS), of which, in the report of the Commission’s findings, approved by Ms. Madrid, PSOE and Ciudadanos, It is said that “they violated the company’s code of conduct by launching an investigation and were not able to do so.”

,This measure is exclusively reserved for the ethics committee through the whistleblowing channel, where he should have posed as a whistleblower himself.Mr. David Fernandez as a defendant, continuing the text written by both sides on the left, appearing as a complaint of information obtained from EMVS attempting to hire a detective agency for purposes completely unrelated in which they have voted. Against PP and Woakes and Recupera has avoided Madrid.

The second mention is of environmental and mobility representative, Borja Carabante, who is revealed in the text that “Meeting at the EMVS Headquarters with the Housing Representative exceeded its functions and powersDependent on the delegated area of ​​urban development, where, in addition to questioning an employee of this public company, its press officer inquired about the facts and was informed about the accounting and administrative details of the potential. Hiring spies. For purposes completely unrelated to EMVS”.

The report said that “many barriers have been placed to know the truth” regarding espionage and the commission. With the documentation provided “could have arrived at a lot more truth and many open questions”One. “With regard to the documentation requested by the municipal groups, it should be noted that, although the EMVS performed its duty, it is not the case with the general coordination of the EMT or the Mayor’s Office, as we shall see later in Section 4. of this opinion”.

For this reason, municipal groups understand that the matter “is pending a final reply.” “And all this despite the clear commitment of Jose Luis Martínez-Almeida that “every member of the PP will be present in the commission”.

From the PP, his spokesman in the Commission, Jose Fernández, assured that the parties that supported this opinion of the conclusion “They do not respect two independent bodies made up of professionals unrelated to politics” and “they set up a circus” because “they drew their conclusions”. “None of those showing have been able to prove that public money was used. There was no exemplary lesson,” he said in his speech.

Similarly, Vox spokesman Pedro Fernández has been shown to be particularly harsh with Ciudadanos: “Ciudadanos embraces the Left, dedicates himself to crushing the people and politicizing the machine to crush the people.”

For his part, the urban development representative and spokesman for Ciudadanos, Mariano Fuentes, has pointed out that there is “bitter sentiment” in his party because of the “absence” of those looking like Ayuso or ngel Caromero “the facts are not clarified”.. “We know that there was no consumption of public resources, but we do not know whether it happened during the course of the investigation until the information came to light.“, he remarked.

“We are certain that a consensus could have been reached if everyone had come, especially the president of the Madrid community. What has become clear is the misconduct in the way forward“, It is finished

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