Garamendi defends that the statute guarantees Euskadi to collect contributions to the Social Security Fund


Self-government minister forwards benefits to be assumed by Basque government after receiving minimum significant income from Pedro Sanchez

Councilor Garamendi, in a light suit at the centre, talks with Minister Rodro
Minister Garamendi, wearing a light suit in the center, talks with Minister Rodriguez in Madrid as Mendia, Ercoreca and Azpiaz

The Minister of Self-Government and Governance Olatz Garamendi defended that statue of guernica The Basque Country guarantees the collection of all contributions of Basque workers to social security and its management with “respect for solidarity with other autonomous communities”. Garamendi’s interpretation clashes head-on with Constitutional Court norms in three sentences. Garamendi has already pushed forward non-contributory benefits to be assumed by the Basque government, despite the fact that there is still no date to begin negotiations on the economic management of Social Security.

Basque government Composed of PNV and PSE-EE, it recognizes that it will be in charge of benefits arising out of and for the care of minors with serious illnesses such as cancer, related to temporary labor disability, maternity, pregnancy and lactation. Despite being unemployed, the target is even broader. Has gone one step further in eliminating Garmandy Spanish Social Security After the end of the minimum critical income in Euskadi and on the eve of the presentation of the Basque Bill on Social Assistance which will be detailed tomorrow by Vice President Idoia Mendia.

Garamendi appealed for the “great political agreement” that the Basque Statute meant 40 years earlier, by which “we agreed that contributions to the Social Security Fund in Euskadi would be collected and that the institutions would pay benefits to citizens”. Explaining what is in Articles 18 and 41 and in the fifth transient provision of the Guernica statute, PNV has defended it, without clarifying what the position of PSE-EE is.

The commitment made by Pedro Sánchez’s government in February 2020—days before the announcement of the Covid-19 pandemic—includes “starting studies to investigate matters related to the economic management of social security” in June 2021. Almost a year later, this commitment has not commenced, but advisors at PNV prominently explained to Lehendkari Igo Urkulu that the transfer of Minimum Vital Income (IMV) was used to prevent this transfer with the logic of so-called Disables logic. Single fund of social security’.

“Basque self-government is the life and the future,” Garamendi said with prepared questions at one of the “meetings” sponsored by the Basque executive with members of his government through the citizen participation platform Irekia. The Minister for Self-Government has countered the “fear” allegedly experienced by a citizen who is interested in the consequences of a transfer that, along with prisons, constitutes the two main objectives of the PNV in his demand. That the Guernica statute be fulfilled while promoting another new Sovereign Court statute.

Garamendi’s demand – in charge of negotiating all matters with minister Isabel Rodriguez – comes hours before Vice-Lehendkari Idoia Mendia finalized legislation that would define the Basque income guarantee and inclusion system, which includes the IVM.

Appeal was made before the transfer of IMV constitutional Court Vox and PP but also by Santiago Abascal’s party, have activated a broad legal front against this transfer. His final legal initiative is the presentation of a controversial-administrative appeal before national audience, All Vox representatives sign with their President the legal initiative in which they act against the order of publication of the Transfer Agreement adopted by the Mixed Transfer Commission of March 16, 2022.

Vox submits before the National Court that “it is unconstitutional because it presupposes a breakdown of the so-called Single Social Security Fund, attributing all powers to the Basque Autonomous Community, which, in the rest of the national territory, are in line with social security.” In relation to non-contributory benefits by Social Security established by the National Institutes, Law 19/2021″.

In addition, Garamendi has shown its displeasure over the development of negotiations to discontinue the transfer of services to the nearby lines of Renfe. According to the Basque minister, the transport ministry’s latest proposal is a “step back” initially made by Minister Balos, which is why he has refrained from commenting on a possible date to close the transfer between Madrid and Vitória.

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