Gasoline sets a new historical record and is again more expensive than diesel


The average price of gasoline this week is 1,898 euros per liter, showing an increase of 1.06% compared to 1,878 euros last week.

A worker pours petrol into a car at a gas station in Valencia, when registered unemployment in the Valencia community decreased by 3,565 people in the month of July to 422,968, an increase of 0.84% ​​compared to the month of June. is less.  and 4.63 points less than the Spanish average
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The average fuel price in Spain has behaved unevenly this week, while Gasoline continues to rise And setting a new historical record, diesel has slowed its growth and is cheap again, something it hasn’t done since late March.

Compared to a year ago, gasoline is 40% more expensive and diesel, more affected by the war with Ukraine, than a year ago, according to data from the EU Oil Bulletin collected by ServiceMedia, without taking into account the 20 cents discount. 55%. The price may remain stable in the coming weeks as Brent remains above $105 a barrel.

Specially, average price of gasoline in spain from this week 1,898 Euro per liter, which represents an increase of 1.06% compared to the previous week’s 1.878 euro. Since the start of the war in Ukraine, it has risen by 19.2% and has been on the rise for four weeks now.

for its part, Diesel is 1,887 Euro per litre, 1.26% lower than the previous reference’s 1.911 euro. In his case, the increase is still 27.6% since the end of February.

With last week’s prices, fill a 55 liter gasoline tank It costs 104.39 euros, one euro and ten cents more than last week, while a tank for a diesel vehicle costs 103.79 euros, one euro and 32 cents more than the previous reference.

The average price of both fuels is still below the euro area average in Spain, where a retail price of petrol was set at 2.008 euros per liter and diesel at 1.921 euros.

However, the price of Spanish diesel remains higher than the EU average of 1,878 euros, while it remains low in gasoline, which was priced at 1,941 euros per liter in EU-27 during the past week.

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