Gazprom cuts gas supply to the Netherlands


As of Tuesday, the supply will be cut off because the Dutch gas importer refused to open an account in Gazprombank in rubles.

Gazprom Pa.  cut off gas supply to
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Russian gas giant gazprom This Monday announced that until Tuesday, May 31, cut gas supply to the Dutch company gastera, After refusing to pay the Russian state company through Gazprombank.

“Gazprom Export Informed Gaztera to stop gas supply from May 31, 2021 and until payment is made in accordance with the mechanism established by Decree of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, what set payment in rubles, In his Telegram account reported the Russian Federation.

Gazprom recalled that the Dutch company had refused to pay for the gas supply in rubles, in line with Putin’s decree and the proposed mechanism. Russia To counter Western sanctions on Russian military operations in Ukraine.

Previously, you passed as Poland, Bulgaria You Finland They refused to pay for gas in rubles, after which Moscow carried out its threat and cut off supplies to these countries. According to Moscow, almost half of the importers Russian gas foreigners have already opened accounts in Gazprombank to pay for the proposed scheme Kremlin, which provides for the conversion of currencies into rubles.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak, Defended that the measure seeks to “guarantee the entry of foreign currency, its conversion into rubles and payment in rubles for the gas supplied.”

mark Russian official agency TASS, month of 20 companies Already opened accounts in Gazprombank, in accordance with the demands of the Kremlin, among which are the Italian energy company Annie, german federation Uniper and French Angie.

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