Gazprom cuts supplies to Europe via the Polish Yamal-Europe gas pipeline


Russian firm ‘turns off the tap’ to Europol GAZ in charge of Polish part of gas pipeline

A Gazprom gas station in Moscow
A Gazprom gas station in Moscow.Natalia KolesnikovaAFP

Russian company gazprom As announced in a statement, it is going to stop using an important Polish gas pipeline for fuel shipments to Europe. The company thus responds to EU sanctions, in part, of the G7, which has pledged to abandon Russian oil—which, in addition to punishing aggression, seeks to minimize its dependence on Russia. through the pass of ukraine

As explained by the firm in a statement collected by AFP, its decision means “prohibition to use the gas pipeline belonging to the Europol GAZ Group”. [a cargo de la parte polaca del gasoducto Yamal-Europa] Russian goes to Poland to transport gas”.

The latest package of EU sanctions affects hydrocarbons and, as with the coal deal, its negotiations are proving more complicated than expected, as are countries that rely heavily on Russian materials.

In this context, Vladimir Putin’s government announced its counterargument, with sanctions against more than 30 companies from the European Union, the United States or Singapore. Among them, Europol GAZ SA is the owner of the Polish part of the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline.

Indeed, Germany’s Energy Minister Robert Habeck this Thursday accused Russia of using energy as “a weapon”. They say the pipeline’s closure is in retaliation for Western sanctions. “The situation is getting worse because energy is now used as a weapon in different ways,” Hebek said.

For his part, the Ukrainian foreign minister, Dmitro Kuleba, urged the EU to reduce its energy dependence on Russia. “Russia’s energy oxygen should be disconnected, this is especially important for Europe,” Kuleba told a news conference. “Russia has shown that it is not a reliable partner and Europe cannot afford to deal with it under these circumstances,” he said.

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