Generalitat plans to eliminate 25% of Spanish in classes in which it is already implemented


He wants to use his decree to deny education in Spanish to families like Canet

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Minister of Education, Joseph Gonzalez-Cambre.EFE

The Generalitat not only seeks to violate the decision of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) by refusing to introduce 25% of Spanish in all schools in Catalonia, it also considers abolishing that quota of Spanish from 47 classes. where it is already enforced by judicial victories personally achieved by families such as the Canet de Mar.

The Ministry of Education intends that all schools in the region adapt their language project according to a decree approved by the government on Monday and send it to the directors of the centers tomorrow. The text makes no indication for the percentage of Spanish, it only recognizes Catalan as the language of the vehicular and makes it clear that schools that do not follow these rules must adapt to them. Otherwise, the Generalitat would intervene to compel them to swallow a trick designed to disobey the High Court’s decision.

instructions that the counselor Josep Gonzalez-Cambre A survey sent out to schools yesterday involved asking principals whether the language project [de su centro] It speculates that Catalan, as Catalonia’s own language, is a language commonly used as a vehicle and language of learning and if the linguistic project avoids the use of percentages in the teaching and use of languages. Colleges are required to answer and if they answer negatively to either of these two questions, Generalitat will understand that their language scheme does not follow the rules and will order them to revise it.

In practice, schools that have had to implement 25% of Spanish in some of their classes in order to comply with final decisions addressed to their directors are being invited by the Generalitat to indicate that their language project is based on the new educational decree. does not respect. So that the government urges them to rectify this situation later.

Cambre’s directive also contained a thinly veiled threat to teachers who are tempted to rebel against the linguistic imposition of the Generalitat. Teachers may not opt ​​for the use of a language other than that provided in each language project and are ultimately responsible for its compliance for all purposes, reads the order signed by the education minister, who announced yesterday publicly delved into that caveat: A teacher cannot choose in which language to teach the class. Following this, the ERC leader announced that he would conduct academic oversight to work with specific action plans to ensure that the monolingual system in Catalan continues after the deadline set by the High Court for the execution of his sentence. .

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In fact, this control has already been carried out since last January, when the Generalitat began implementing a so-called plan to promote the use of the Catalan language in more than 200 schools, including observations by the directorates of schools. Know within the classrooms that there are teachers who teach in Spanish.

After informing the teachers and directors of its intentions, the Generalitat sent a letter to the TSJC demanding that it declare the legal impossibility of executing the sentence and that it accept an alternative proposal drawn up by the government and which included the use of languages. include modifying. ​—Based on the environment of each center, but in any case, without establishing the minimum percentage of Castilians required by the High Court’s decision.

The Catalan government’s letter was accompanied by the decree with which it seeks to circumvent the sentence.

Although it has already been implemented, the government’s order should still be endorsed in Parliament, but the process is not in jeopardy.

The common people have already put forward that they will cooperate with the freedom movement so that the decree does not decline. We will not leave the directors of the centers out in the open, their leader argued, Jessica AlbiachTaking the arguments of the Catalan government as its own, which claims to act to protect the directors from the disobedience to which it is pushing.

The help of the Catalan brand of Podemos will be crucial, as the PSC refuses to support the decree, after promoting a law that the government is also using to protect immersion.

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