Generalitat Valenciana teaches youth ‘chemsex’: how to make sex with drugs a “safe practice”


An IVAJ campaign gives recommendations for reducing risk, while experts warn that the practice may never be “safe.”

Image of one of the IVAJ posts about 'chemsex' on Instagram.
Image of one of the IVAJ posts about ‘chemsex’ on Instagram.EM
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Although Chemex As a minority practice in Spain, so-called sex sessions with drugs – to prolong their duration or intensity – have alerted health officials. However, through the Generalitat Valenciana, Valencian Institute of Youth (IVAJ)has started a campaign that talks Chemex As a safe practice as long as some of the risks are reduced. Debate continues about whether drug use prevention campaigns are focused solely on prohibition work, but various experts question whether it is possible to talk of safe sex when there are actually drugs involved. .

In its social network, the public body in charge of youth policies rolled out a series of recommendations for safe practice Chemex, Although it is recognized that there are always certain risks, the core of the message is clear: we remember our mantra: ‘everything is fine as long as it is under control’. The moment consciousness is lost, it is no longer a safe practice.

According to the IVAJ, what precautions should be taken? Get information from reliable sources and even meet with the person who provides you the drugs to make sure they are as pure as possible. A point of view, by the way, that the sources consulted expressly disapprove of. The IVAJ also recommends setting boundaries before using them as safe words so that the practice remains safe.

However, he has refrained from making any announcement on behalf of IVAJ. equality council On which the institution relies, it is argued that this is an issue that is being addressed by various institutions. The department, headed by Monica Oltra, defends the IVAJ campaign, under the title Here is a Topic, a proposal that airs weekly on Twitch and talks about effective sex education for young people. Is.

from Valencia Anti-AIDS Committee The campaign approach, which is aligned with the line of work of social institutions, is considered appropriate. However, he feels he has made an unfortunate use of the word ‘safe’. There is no 100% safe sex practice. There is no 100% safe substance use, these sources state.

Paco Bueno, Head of Addiction Services Valencia City Council and a well-known expert on the subject, goes on to point out from the outset that Chemex represents a public health problem. Because substance use is associated with the habitual behavior of sexual relations without hygienic measures. Therefore, it emphasizes that it is not without risk and, from this point of view, what is important in terms of awareness and prevention is to inform so that the risks of unprotected sex and consumption of health modifying substances are known. Can you

In the opinion of pharmacy researcher and doctor Luca Hiplito Valencia UniversityAll substances have their own toxic effects, so it is risky to talk about safe practices with drugs. in the matter of Chemexpublications of Ministry of Health Point out some of the substances most often associated with Chemex: GHB/GBL, mephedrone or other cathinones, methamphetamine, poppers, cocaine, ketamine, ecstasy or even Viagra, polydrug use is common.

in a report on Approach to the event of Chemex 2020, the ministry has warned that there is growing concern about this phenomenon, because of the intense and continuous exercise Chemex Not only can it facilitate the sexual transmission of HIV and other infections, but it can also cause other problems and complications to the physical, mental and social health of those who practice it. In fact, according to the ministry, statistics show that about 3 out of 10 patients seen in HIV counseling in Spain have practiced Chemexbecause in terms of Chemex It is common practice to practice condomless sex with different sex partners.

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