Ghali asks court to “pressure” Spain to seek CNI report on Moroccan maneuvers


One of them would indicate that Rabat reactivated legal cases against the Polisario leader to force him to change the situation in Western Sahara.

Polisario Front leader Brahim Ghali.World

Safety of brahim ghali has asked the National High Court to claim information from the CNI that reveals Morocco’s strategy to pressure the Spanish government to change – as has happened – its position on Western Sahara. One of the ways to do this would be to activate judicial proceedings in Spain against the leader of the Polisario Front, which has two cases open in the High Court, one of which is still open.

Refers to two reports of the acronym national intelligence center, One of them confirmed the allocation of resources to “reactivate the legal proceedings filed by Morocco against the Polisario Front and Don Brahim Ghali, aimed at pressuring the Spanish government to change the situation to a favorable position in Morocco. Support.

He further states that the report will include a contract “with the identification of individuals and organizations cooperating with the Directorate General of Studies and Documentation in Spain (DGED), a foreign intelligence service dependent on the Moroccan Armed Forces, of which Mr . fadel bricaplaintiff in this proceeding”.

Bricca’s statement forms the basis of a case opened against Ghali in the National High Court, alleging torture by Polisario. The process is still open, although the forecast has always been that it will end up on file because of the weakness of the evidence against the abuser.

The CNI report states that the complainant “followed the instructions of Morocco, traveled to the area controlled by Polisario to incite Polisario’s leadership and to compel his arrest.” And he says Breica’s “only income” comes from services in Morocco.

The second report, the newspaper also reported CountryPoints out that the avalanche of immigrants who crossed the Ceuta border irregularly was also a form of pressure on Pedro Sánchez’s executive.

Following the request, the judge of the case, Santiago Pedraz, would have to decide whether to ask the government to make the reserved reports public, as was recently done by another investigating judge of the Court, Jose Luis CalamaRegarding reports regarding spying to the government through Pegasus.

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