Ghali assures Spain will pay the transfer on Shara and believes Feijo will maintain his position upon arrival at Moncloa


The leader of the Polisario Front assured that Morocco was the one who spied on the cell phones of Sanchez, Robles and Marlasca with Pegasus

Brahim Ghali during his appearance before the media in Tindouf (Algeria).
Brahim Ghali during his appearance before the media in Tindouf (Algeria).AP

The leader of the Polisario Front, Brahim Ghali, warned that the Spaniards would one day pay for the government’s shift in Western Sahara by supporting Rabat’s autonomy plan, and believed that the leader of the Popular Party, Alberto Nez Feijo, would correct the situation. Will maintain that Saharawi is defending people if it reaches Moncloa.

“I know that political parties in opposition adopt one policy and when they reach Moncloa they adopt another policy. This is a mistake,” explained Gali, when asked in an interview on Telecinco collected by Europa Press. Gaya whether Feijo is the key to resolving this conflict. “I hope so,” he said, pointing to the ‘popular’ leader.

Ghali pointed out that “no one is convinced” by the arguments made by the Spanish government, which last March announced the change by opening a new phase of relations with Morocco by sending a letter to King Mohammed VI, expressing Was supporting Morocco’s proposal for autonomy for Shara to find solutions within the framework of the United Nations.

“It is a pure and hard betrayal”, insisted the leader of the Polisario Front, which believes the Spanish executive has “aligned itself with the invader”: “one day you will have to pay for it”, he emphasizes. Given, at the same time he is perverted by being the “factor” of this decision.

In this key, he assures that relations with Spain are “broken” and can be redirected if Spain reforms and chooses a path of self-determination. Furthermore, they have assured that there is “unanimity” on the need to support the Saharawi cause and decide what they want to become. “They are wrong to say that this is the best way,” he insisted.

With regard to spying with ‘Pegasus’ software, Ghali has stated that it is Morocco that has infected the mobile devices of the prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, as well as the defense and interior ministers, Margarita Robles and Fernando Grande-Marlasca, and therefore Because of this, the executive should “sever ties” with the neighboring country and take a different approach.

Finally, regarding his controversial stay at the Logaru hospital where he remained admitted after being infected with the coronavirus, the Polisario leader did not want to go into details and limited himself to thanking the work of health workers at the hospital.

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