‘Ghali case’ judge extends probe by six months and redirects it to false passport


It adopts this decision after the Zaragoza Court ordered the registration of a case for the former foreign minister.

Polisario Front leader Brahim Ghali.
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owning to Court of Instruction No. 7 of Zaragoza has agreed to expand the investigation of the so-called caso abuse six more months and redirect him to the fake passport that was used to identify the leader of the polisario front, brahim ghali, upon arrival at San Pedro de Logaru Hospital. you made this decision after Zaragoza Provincial CourtFormer Foreign Minister Arancha González brought a file of inquiry against the Sahrawi politician for the admissions of prejudice and cover-up for the crimes of ordering Spain,

as you progress vojppuli And legal sources have confirmed to Judge Europa Press. Raphael LaSalle has deemed it appropriate to continue the investigation of the alleged offense of false documents, as the street in the hospital was identified with an Algerian passport. Mohamed Benbatouche,

Thus, it will continue with the steps given last April, when it asked the Polisario Front Delegation in Spain to provide the current address Luali Brahim Sid Al MustafaBrahim Gali’s son, to take his statement as a witness.

Judge Lasala agreed to deliver the said official letter to the Polisario Front after a Polisario activist during court interrogation St. Peter’s Hospital of logru He would ensure that Ghali’s son could be the person who brought the false passport to the health centre.

Within the framework of that diligence, the instructor also issued an official letter to the police station police In Vittoria to confirm that the address facility is provided Superior Headquarters of Polica d’Aragno Polisario corresponds to the leader’s son.

The employee who had registered the Sahrawi politician in the hospitalization service testified by videoconference as a witness and before the judge on April 11. Legal sources then assured Europa Press that the activist, although at first she was unable to identify the person who entered the street, eventually provided a description that would match that of the Polisario leader’s son.

Sources consulted by this agency have specified that, for now, Judge LaSala is examining facts related to the alleged offense of false documents, and not individuals. This is after the Provincial Court of Zaragoza ordered the file of the case, for which only one investigation was conducted: former minister González Laya.

Notably, on 26 May, the Zaragoza Court concluded that it was appropriate to file proceedings against González Laya, as he saw no evidence of guilt in his actions regarding the entry of the street into Spain, which occurred on the night of 18 April. be produced. 2021 without passing borders or documentation controls.

“While it cannot be denied that Ms. González Laya was aware of the intention that Mr. Galli would be treated in Spain and that she took an active part in the preparations, there is no evidence to support this conclusion. who knew. The existence of judicial interest in that person,” the judicial body indicated. Thus, he closed the door of investigation for the alleged offenses of prejudice and cover-up.

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