Ghost Kitchen Next To A School In Delicias Torn Down By Justice


Chimney of the Miguel de Unamumno School.
Chimney of the Miguel de Unamumno School.jay barabancho
  • controversial back to school amid the smoke

A judicial victory for the residents of Delicias who have been fighting for months against a ghost kitchen located next to the Miguel de Unamuno school. justice now gives them reason and cancel license Under which these kitchens operate with three major arguments: they lack environmental impact reports, legal reports and they fail to comply with urban planning regulations.

The judge considers that it is an industrial business that cannot be compared with the traditional hotel business – which is the license currently in use – and that new types of economic activity should not arise outside municipal control,

The sentence also highlights that the establishment of this type of business implies some damage to neighbors Obtained from cleaning, wastewater treatment, noise pollution and smoke emissions. The judge says that in this case, the responsibility of monitoring the municipal corporation should be at its peak because it is next to the public school.

After the decision of the court, the family of Miguel de Unamuno school and the residents of Deliciaso He is confident the city council will not appeal the sentence., As they point out, the kitchen on Calle Alejandro Ferrante does not comply with the new regulations on ghost kitchens, which the concierge is going to approve because they are located in a block that, by zonal criteria, no longer accepts the establishment of industrial businesses. Will do In spaces of more than 350 m. square.

The school’s parents also recall that the Jose Luis Martínez-Alameda City Council has launched an initiative. To improve the school environment And make them safe in which to invest 15 million euros.

Quite the opposite of what is happening at present in this school, where The sidewalk the kids ride on is full of riders, The road to school is dangerous because motorcycles ply on the sidewalk and in the opposite direction on the road. We can’t be calmer, condemns Noelia Cabezas, a mother of two from the center.

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