Giro d’Italia: Hindle drops the Giro and Landa and Carapaz on the walls of Marmolada


In the queen stage of the race won by Australian Alessandro Covi, the Australian is ahead of the Spaniard by 50 seconds and the Ecuadorian by almost a minute and a half.

Hindley in climbing the summit of Marmolada.
Hindley in climbing the summit of Marmolada.Luca BettiniAFP
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in marble, Gianni Bugno He climbed with his lost eyes, like an automaton, defeated by the superiority of the capital indurain, In those walls he understood that he would always be under the shadow of Vilaba’s demon. After his return he admitted that he had to seek the help of a psychologist to overcome his fear miguelni, Those endless ramps shamelessly exposed weaknesses. This Saturday the Dolomite Summit took the . suppressed the ambitions of Mikel Landa and of Richard Carapazzi, The Basques also sighed cursing their cruel fate. Ecuadorians busted on the final move. Bye Sweater rose, snatched by jai hindleThe Australian who will be crowned this Sunday in medieval Verona.

The new leader put his tight pedaling on the final stretch of Marmolada, the toughest of the 12-kilometer climb. In just 5,000 metres, the Giro was broken to the advantage of the Bora runner, who accounted for his own story. A few years back he lost the Giro on the last day for the benefit of the British tao jionggan, Cycling, like life, always gives a second chance.

Giro on the long ridges of Marmolada sealed his wound from the hind. There, Landa was climbing up with an upside-down face, with his mouth half-open, inhaling to relieve fatigue. Losing meter with Aussie and Carapaz. A difficult image, as Ecuador moved away from the impostor, the leader of the ranks of Bora. Also, in his attempt not to lose much income, he fell in three martirigentes kilmetros, Ineos captain delivers like never before. He, an example of regularity, went down with an accident. Even Landa was defeated in the final attack on the Dolomite summit. Basque clocked 50 seconds for Hindley and 1.28 seconds for Carapaz.

The time trial tomorrow (17.1 kilometres), except unfortunately, will not decide first place. There will be further uncertainty for third place, with fares between Ecuadorian and Spanish a little over half a minute.

As consolation for third place on the podium Landism, that movement of failed hopes. A religion that does not fascinate Jai Hindle. doesn’t even connect alessandro coveI, the winner of the queen stage. without Joao AlmeidaThe United Arab Emirates played their cards with the Italian adventurer, who got into a good break of the day and also had the privilege of crowning Pordoi for the first time. koppi top From this dying juncture.

the other was Slovenian domain novaki, Landa’s companion and who did not even act as an outpost or bridge for Landa, resigned to his fate. At the end of the stage a man from Vittoria said, “I haven’t been well. I can’t squeeze my team on the final climb. At least I’ve been able to regulate the effort and I’ve been able to pass Carapaz.” “

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