Giro d’Italia: Mikel Landa in its purest form at the Blockhaus: falling and climbing to make you dream


Vittoria’s rider shows off his prowess on the first major climb of the Giro, with Juanpe López saving the pink jersey. Jai Hindle wins major sextet

Winner at Blockhaus ahead of Hindley, Carapaz, Bardet and Landa.
Winner at Blockhaus ahead of Hindley, Carapaz, Bardet and Landa.luca bettiniAFP

Landism, that event is so difficult to explain, lived in one of its most authentic chapters at Blockhaus, amid genius, courage and misfortune. Whereas in 2017, a Giro was abandoned after a TV fell from a motorcycle, Mikel Landa He was powerful, self-confident, even playful in the endless ramps of the Colossus—13.9 kilometers on average 8.4%—in which Eddie Merckx He was baptized 45 years ago. He didn’t win, he didn’t even scratch too much in the general classification and he had fallen without obvious results before, but Vittoria’s man was the man of the day that was allowed juanpe lepejoSelf-respecting cyclist, another day in pink. [Narracin y clasificaciones]

In the heart of Abruzzo, with suffocating air and heat as guests, the Giro’s first major sieve was built. Fireworks with little gunpowder, though with certain victims. He said goodbye on the first big mountain stage Adam YatesSo many quinillas in el britnico, tambin Giulio Ciccone, on Bandoleros Hill, where in 1972 tarangu fuentes his signed a feat where the final winner was nairo quintana (2017) prevailed against the forecast jai hindlebecause the three strongest were undoubtedly Richard Capraz, Romain Bardet and Landa,

Before the blockhaus reached the first ramp, it was unfortunately full of paleo bilbao, with a Montonera in which he was one of the worst unemployed. Guernica’s one was set to suffer a loss later, although he managed to save the day. Landa also kissed the asphalt while descending from Paso Lanciano, although apparently only his jersey suffered. The leader of Bahrain signed a promotion to the dream: it had been a long time since he felt so full.

Because it was Ineos who had monopolized the pace, who didn’t let the day’s breakaway succeed, and who finally made the selection. sivakov First and foremost a very strong Richie Door In what is his last grand lap, he left the pack trembling. Under those tensions, Juanpe unbuttoned his pink jersey, with his nervous and electric pedaling, made the rear wheel sharpener Alexander Valverde And lost the difference at the worst possible time. The Lebriza native struggled against the wind and misfortune, but his suffering was about to have the ultimate reward: he saved the jersey by 12 seconds almida And, at least until Tuesday—tomorrow is a day of rest—keep up the worthy hero, the dream that no one wakes him up from.

Carapaz’s attack took place less than five kilometers away. Landa replied softly. As well as Bardette. The trio moved but made no way out, as Joo Almeida protested, from low to high, together with Hindley and pozovivo, Two other veterans who took off their hats lived almost to the end, paying respects to Valverde and nibalik,

With Almeida, the combined sextet with 700 meters to go, certainly the fastest, exhausted, Hindley stole the victory from Bardet and Capraz. The Australian adds his second stage win at the Giro, the podium in the 2020 edition. “I’ve tried to survive. I’m feeling better and I knew about the last corner,” said Bora Ryder, who is fifth under Juanpe, ahead of Almeida, Bardet and Carapaz.

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