Giro d’Italia: Valverde disappointed after running 160km, in a stage in which Landa pulled out his claws


On a tough day for Mortirolo, the Czech heart wins and the Portuguese Almeida shows weakness.

Valverde, during stage 16 of the Giro.
Valverde, during stage 16 of the Giro.Movistar

In the Valico di Santa Cristina, after crowning the terrifying Mortirolo, Miguel Indurain Be human. A bird huge Denied him his third Giro in 1994, confirmed barzina You Pantani, For old runners, the history of old people is so commendable Alexander Valverde, who fought this Tuesday with courage, but without rewards, to win a stage in which he ran for 160 kilometres. At the age of 42, he monopolized the spotlight of a day in the high mountains (a disparity of 5,000 metres), in which Mikel Landa He was aggressive and, again, brushed up against bad luck. things of Landism, Basque and his companion paleo bilbao Shortly after reaching the final pass they brushed against each other and had to set foot on the ground. Just a fear victory went to the check public interest, a Czech climber who makes his Palmar debut in a big. Carapaz is still in the lead.

A very tactical day, of markings and wear. Carapaz, Landa and Hindley they affiliated to take almida Because the Portuguese is the one who can offer the best performance in the Verona closing time trial. The trio’s attack took a 13-second lead, an advantage that now seems small, but accounts for what should be done when all chapters of this unfinished business are finished.

The favorite teams let the stage chaser do the same. A group of 20 survived before the first ascent: the Goleto di Cadino. The runaways were reduced in half, with Valverde, before facing Mortirolo on his softer side. erensmann, rythm, stoneinjury, karthi, They climbed on to Mortirolo at high speed with a five-minute lead over the leaders’ pack, behind Asthana. nibalik Taking responsibility for the victim. A little breeze for Ineos de Carapaz. After being crowned, he jumped the Tiberna de Messina with that distinctive skill for the descent. He learned to curve like no one else on the slopes of Etna. When he was a child he frightened his father by throwing himself in an open grave on the streets of the volcano. That’s what he did this Tuesday, but his attack was answered by Landa, Carapaz, and the rest of the favorite group, about twenty runners, of whom were Norwegian, sivakovBilbao, Almeida, Hindley, Bookman, shape, juanpe lepejo You porte,

Ahead, Kamma, Ehrensmann Hurt left Valverde, who remained alone on the ascent of Valico di Santa Cristina, where Landa had ordered. butrago, Poles (who broke out of the fleeing group) and Bilbao who set a strong momentum to break up the group. wear off. Carapaz and Hindley were comfortable with the march to Bahrain. Almeida was more uncomfortable, climbing the last kilometer of port 50 meters behind the Spanish, Ecuadorian and Australian. The Portuguese climbed hard, but without losing a head. He knew this was not his territory, that he had to manage his energies wisely and that’s what he did, only losing 13 seconds.

Like the Czech hart, the Portuguese endured with effort, who began their resume with victories incomparable with the victories they had achieved, with partial victories in the rounds of the Czech Republic, Oman, Austria and Azerbaijan.

This Wednesday, a new appointment with high mountains with three ports and a final in Lavron.

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