‘Goiri’ on BBVA hiring Villarejo: “I assumed it was the president’s decision”


The former CEO of the bank testified in the hearing that the operation was hidden from him to disable the Sasir operation.

Jose Ignacio Goirigolzari at an event in Valencia in 2020.alberto saz

“I assumed it was the president’s decision.” This Monday is pronounced as Jose Ignacio Goirigolzariwho has been presented as a witness before a judge of villarejo case To explain Luis del Rivero’s maneuver to disable the attempt to control the unit he presides Francis Gonzalez,

The then number two of BBVA told that he was not aware of the recruitment in 2004 near you, the company of curator Jose Manuel Villarejo. He found out later and was furious. he told him angel canoewho was subordinate to him at the time—he later replaced him as CEO—and to whom goiri Threatened to be fired for hiding something like this again.

The current Chairman of Caxabank has appeared as a witness, and therefore with the obligation to answer all charges. The main question of the National High Court’s investigation is whether Villarejo was ordered to be hired outright knowing that he was an active police officer, which would mean a bribery offense.

According to sources familiar with the statement, Goirigolzari has explained that in May 2005, in a regular office with Cano, he told her that he had to tell her something. He explained that “an intelligence company was hired to analyze the operation at the time” in which Luis del Rivero, the president of Sácer, wanted to take control of the BBVA from the Mexican Pemex.

“I have an idea”

Who gave the order? Cano didn’t tell him in that conversation, or at least the witness didn’t remember him in front of the judge this Monday. I assumed then that Francisco Gonzalez was the one who ordered the hiring of an intelligence company. He said he had “no idea” of the subsequent steps of that general order.

The former BBVA president himself declared to the judge that he had ordered the hiring of an intelligence company to look into what was behind the operation, but in no case did he order it to be commissioned.

Goirigolzari said Cano told him the recruitment was “legal.” It is not clear what prompted them in that conversation to raise the commission’s option to be invalid.

In his statement as the defendant, Cano threw balls about his knowledge of the case. He indicated that the FG had ordered him to hire defendant Julio Corochano, who was his subordinate, in whatever security chief said. But it was not specified that he went to Villarejo society. Cano also indicated that the president wanted to get out of the case. goiriOn which he doubted in this case.

The banker has explained that he was very angry with Cano because it took him months to explain what happened to the crisis in which he himself participated and which he found acted behind his back. Went. “The usual thing was that he spoke to me right away,” he declared.

As in FG. told by

Legal sources close to Francisco González have confirmed that in his statement Goírigolzari states that “he was aware of this contract by NGL Cano in May 2005” (when the Sasir operation had already failed) and that Cano had “held him”. It is not stated that the instruction came from the President, according to the statement of Goirigolzari, but he himself received it as such,” according to the same sources, who said that it was “Angel Cano who told me about this recruitment as his senior.” I will be informed”.

They say that when Cano testified in December he said he was out of the Sasir operation and now “it is surprising that he reported in May 2005 and not in December 2004” to Gorigolzari.

According to the same sources, Goirigolzari’s statement “confirms what the former BBVA president himself had announced in 2019 about the bank’s decision to hire an intelligence company – in no case, the contracting company.” or without knowing the activities carried out by him – outlines the conduct of Sasseer’s attack on the bank within, and therefore does not provide any news in this regard”.

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