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The king of search engine Google has acquired Toro, a Facebook Mobile Marketing Startup based on San Francisco, California. Toro is developed by Red Hot Labs in March 2012, and its founders Amitt Mahajan, Joel Poloney and Dave Pekar worked really hard in last three years to make this startup a huge success in its niche. Toro helps app developers to market and promote their apps by offering best-in-class mobile marketing solution. Toro’s app marketing plans of setting up and optimizing the campaigns run only on the Facebook advertising platform. In short, Toro is a Facebook Marketing company exclusively for the app developers to help them promote their apps in Facebook in best possible way.

The parent company of Toro is Red Hot Labs, and its prime founders Amitt Mahajan and Joel Poloney previously joined hands in setting up MyMiniLife, and you may know that this is the company which played a very crucial role in the development of popular Facebook game Farmville, and this startup was later acquired by Zynga.
Google acquires Toro, Facebook App Marketing Startup

Toro helps its clients to optimize their respective Facebook Ad campaigns by creating and testing hundreds of different variants for each and every campaign seamlessly. Mobile App developers can run and manage their Facebook promotional ad campaign in a very easy way with the help of the service provided by Toro. Now, as Google acquired Toro, we may be able to see a much better version of Toro in upcoming days.
CEO and Founder of Toro Mr. Amitt Mahajan announced this Google acquisition via a blog post. He wrote,
“With greater resources and distribution now available at our disposal, we’re excited to join Google and continue our mission of making the lives of app developers easier.”

Toro has already raised $1.5 million fund from various investors like SV Angel, Andreesen Horowitz, General Catalyst, Greylock Partners, IT-Farm, Keith Rabois, Chris Dixon, Bill Tai, Matt Ocko and a few more. However, the financial terms of this Google-Toro acquisition is yet to be disclosed, and we’ll update this post if we get this information in coming days.

In that blog post Amitt Mahajan added,

“For our existing marketing customers, we will continue to optimize your campaigns and update your dashboards, though campaign creation has been suspended for the time being. We recommend working with an alternative Facebook PMD for new campaigns going forward.”

It means Toromight be shifting its prime focus away from Facebook. Rather it wants to work on creating many new products while staying under the big umbrella of Google Inc. What’s your view point on this Google’s new acquisition of Toro? Let us in the comments section below.
Source: TechCrunch

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