Google announces Pixel 6a and lets look at future Pixel 7, but we’ll have to wait


The Pixel 6a uses the same processor as the Google-designed Pixel 6, and arrives in late July. It will also put on sale new headphones with noise cancellation and a smart watch, the Pixel Watch

Google announces Pixel 6a and lets look at future Pixel 7, but we'll have to wait
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Osborne Effect should not exist for Google. It is the phenomenon with which a decline in sales of a product is detected when a more modern version is announced and the company name is taken. osborne computer, Who ruined sales of his Osborne 1 by talking about future models to come in later years.

Surprisingly, Google has done something similar on the first day of today Google I/O Developer Conference, Which is being held in person again for the first time in three years, though with a limited number of attendees. Not only that, he has shown his next phone, pixel 6a, To hit the market in July, but futures too Pixel 7 Which will go on sale in the fall along with a new smart watch. It has also allowed itself the luxury of showing off a tablet, pixel tablet, Which will not reach the market until 2023.

Pixel 6a

The only announcement worth noting at the moment is the Pixel 6A, a new phone that Its sale will start from July 28. Like other years, this is a lower-cost version of the most advanced Pixel model, in this case pixel 6 y6 pro, which last went on sale in the US, although it did not arrive Spain Until the beginning of this year.

Pixel 6A has a smaller screen, 6.1 inches with and 60 Hz refresh rate and it will have a more modest 12-megapixel camera instead of the 50-megapixel offered by the Pixel 6. It will be accompanied by a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera and an 8-megapixel front camera.

The only thing that does not change compared to the most advanced models is the processor. use pampering Tensor chip designed by Google itself And that it is behind some of the phone’s most amazing capabilities like the ability to intelligently remove or replace elements in an image or translate languages ​​in real time.

Its price is obviously its biggest attraction. It will cost $ 449, $150 less than the more affordable Pixel 6. It can be booked from July 21 and will go on sale on July 28, although the company is yet to give it a go if it will be available in Spain.

airbuds pro

Along with the new Pixel 6A, Google will also launch Pixel Buds Pro. These are small-sized wireless headphones with ambient noise cancellation, transparency mode (for listening to traffic) and spatial sound, which, thanks to dynamic tracking of head position, creates the effect of hearing sound from specific directions. space. three dimensional space.

Overall, these features make the Pixel Buds Pro Google’s answer Airpods Pro d’Apple. have headphones 11 hours of autonomy (7 if noise cancellation is used) and support quick pairing and smart switching between devices, if supported. The sale price will be $199, roughly the same amount in euros.

Pixel 7 Y7 Pro

With the end of the year and the release of the new version of Android, Google will put the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro up for sale.

Little is known about these new phones, although Google has already shown the first images of what they will look like. they will be equipped with the new generation Tensor processors designed by Google and Pro models, Bigger, it will have three cameras like last year’s Pixel 6 Pro.

Design and performance-wise, the Pixel 7 feels like a small revision compared to the current 6, but as is often the case with Google, it’s possible that the new processor, coupled with improvements in software, will make these phones more advanced. capacity will be provided. ,

pixel watch

With the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, Google will start selling its first smart watch, the Pixel Watch. This is not an announcement that has shocked the industry. In recent months, several images of the device have been leaked, which will compete face-to-face with other watches like the Apple Watch as well as Samsung’s Galaxy Watch.

This is a watch with a round dial and works with wear os 3, Operating system developed in collaboration with Samsung for wearable electronics devices. It will be integrated with Fitbit (a company Google bought in 2020) and can also be used for payments and identification, thanks to support for the new version of Google Wallet.

However, the company has not revealed the pricing or technical details of the product, although it assures that it will provide more details in the coming months.

Pixel Tablet

For those who want to travel even further back in time, Google has surprises as well. Years after leaving the product category, it is poised to return to the tablet business.

launch in 2023 pixel tablet, A device that aspires to be “the smartest tablet on the market,” according to Rick Osterloh, Head of Pixel products at Google.

Little is known about its specifications, but the announcement makes sense considering the emphasis the company has put in this year. ‘Multi-application’ support Efforts were made within Android and in this Google IO to encourage developers to adapt their programs to larger screen sizes.

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