Government and opposition push for new talks after Washington intervention


Chavismo and the opposition return to talks with the intention of immediately resuming talks in Mexico

Jorge Rodro on the left
On the left, the Speaker of the Chavista parliament, Jorge Rodriguez, greets Gerardo Belide, the head of the opposition’s negotiating delegation in Caracas yesterday.EM

“In saving the spirit of Mexico, in a work meeting for future plans.” Chavismo and the opposition intend to return to talks Resume talks in Mexico immediately Sponsored by the Norwegian government and supported by the international community. On this Tuesday the heads of both delegations announced, George Rodriguez, President of the Parliamentary Body of the Revolution, and Constitutionalist Gerardo Bleed. The two tweeted the same picture, in which they shake hands, and the same text, which opens this chronicle.

“Formal talks have begun with our counterpart to achieve its speedy reactivation (in the context of the negotiation process that began in Mexico City in August last year),” the opposition Unitarian platform confirmed in a statement. it was a good build a renewed unitary platform, Composed of 10 parties, one of the conditions demanded by Washington to support a return to Mexico, whose talks were unilaterally suspended in October Nicolas Maduro After the Colombian tycoon’s extradition to the US alex saab, According to an investigation by the former Venezuelan prosecutor’s office, the alleged figurehead of the Bolivarian Revolution and the “son of Chávez” is believed to be the biggest international operative.

Rodriguez, after meeting with Bled, insists that Saab be one of his delegates for the meeting in Mexico, one of the bloc’s stumbling blocks during seven months of political paralysis. Maduro plays the Saab card Fake diplomat to force his release, Despite the fact that he was appointed ambassador to Cape Verde months after he was arrested.

March meeting begins in Caracas between three high-level officials of the Maduro and Joe Biden administrations communication channel between the two parties In addition to releasing three American prisoners in Venezuela and fixing talks in Mexico, despite the fact that it took two months to materialize.

It was Washington that slowed down the process due to internal criticism emanating from the mini-summit and only now they have agreed to Maduro’s two demands. The first is the authorization for the oil company beam return to work in the Venezuelan wells, as it did before the sanctions. the Spanish Repsol and italian ENI They will also receive a special license to operate on Creole land.

Another request, as acknowledged by US officials to the AP agency, has yet to materialize. it’s about Withdrawing personal approval for Cilia Flores’ favorite nephew, First revolutionary fighter. The accused, Carlos Malpica Flores, is a powerful former official who has always walked under the shadow of the presidency, without leaving excessive traces. He was National Treasurer, Vice President of Finance of Petrálios de Venezuela (PDVSA) and General Director of the Bank for Development (Bandés).

Biden’s chief adviser on Latin American affairs, Juan Gonzalez, explained, “We’re going to reduce the pressure on the basis of action, concrete results, that leads Venezuela to a free election. If there’s a setback, we’re going to take sanctions.” will be reintroduced.”

Expected news only comes from many days Hours after Maduro’s sacking of Foreign Minister Flix Placencia, Spanish descent and career diplomat, characterized by a dialogue profile. In a clear nod to his ally Vladimir Putin, the “people’s president” has replaced engineer Carlos Fara, who has so far been Chavista ambassador to Moscow and a trusted figure.

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