Government clings to canned arguments to avoid explaining the Shara fiasco and conflict with Algiers


Podemos calls Larch “treason”, PP sees Russia “not very intelligent” and settles for the resignation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs

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The government has failed to provide a clear and coherent explanation that justifies the hype about the conflict in Western Sahara and has also been unable to find a solution capable of redirecting relations with Algeria. Neither the president managed to stir Congress’s doubts in his appearance last week, nor did the minister manage to quell the Algerian diplomatic discomfort, nor did the secretary of state for foreign affairs appear able to uncover more than canned arguments. . Senate.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and First Vice President, José Manuel Albers and Nadia Calvio, have subscribed to the thesis of indictment. Russia presenting it as the hand that drives the cradle of the angry response Algiers, Which has not only suspended the bilateral Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation, but also reduced trade flows with Spanish companies.

One explanation is that they have not convinced the parliamentary forces. The PP has branded this as “not very intelligent”, while United we can continue to consider its principles regarding the former Spanish colony and the Saharawis as “treasonous”.

Spokesman popular On the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Congress, Valentina Martinez, Regretfully, the government has entered a “spiral” in which it neither listens, nor learns, nor seeks to reform. In his opinion, if the intention, as Albers points out, is “to give the dialogue a chance”, it is necessary to “create the conditions for it to be possible and not to say that someone else is behind it”, blame the context. for now wants to cast against musk Traditional ally of Algiers.

for popularThe retaliatory measures taken by Algeria are a direct result of Pedro Sanchez’s “unilateral” and “unfair” policy regarding the Shara, and any other argument is nothing more than an attempt to “throw the balls out”. “As Spaniards we are diplomatically at the mercy of Morocco and Algeria at the same time as never before,” the PP Deputy Secretary for Institutions added yesterday. Esteban Gonzalez Ponce.

“huge mistake”

Podemos also agrees to put all responsibility for the conflict with Algiers on the roof of the government. co-spokesperson for your state Pablo Fernandez has branded the socialist party that now supports Morocco’s annexationist plan on the territory of the Sahara as a “big mistake” and only attributes the deterioration of relations with Algeria to it.

Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Angeles Moreno, The Senate Foreign Affairs Committee cited no explanation for the radical change regarding Shara cited yesterday. Questioned by the Compromise Senator,carles mullet, Moreno read separate and canned arguments from the content of the questions asked: “Security of the southern shore is a priority Spain and of ui“The guidance of the Government of Spain is to protect its citizens and its companies” or “We defend the position expressly enshrined in UN resolutions”.

None of this reassured the questioner who accused Alberas and Sanchez of “moving consensus” and “betraying Cortés”. “Neither stability nor responsibility, what they have done is to bow down to Morocco in a unilateral and humiliating manner. You cannot talk of defending the interests of Spain or the city.”

The Valencian senator, who held that the lurch about Shara was a direct result of Moroccan hacking of Sanchez’s phone, insisted that Spanish foreign policy was “a chirigota”. “Either they reform or they leave. The foreign minister should not hold office even for a minute,” he said.

Mullet noted the dire consequences for the Valencian companies of the blockade of commercial operations with Spain imposed by Algeria. In this sense, the Minister of Sustainable Economy of the Valencian Community also expressed himself, Raphael Clement, who asked the government for a “prompt and serious diplomatic response”. Clement sent a letter to the executive asking him to convene a sector table to study support for the companies most affected. According to their statistics, 23% of Spanish companies exporting to Algeria are Valencian.

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