Government decides 25% of schools non-compliance with Spanish


Approves a decree defending the “non-applicability of percentage in the teaching and use of languages” one day after the deadline set by the TSJC to end immersion

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Minister of Education, Joseph Gonzalez-Cambre.EFE

A day after the expiration of a period set by Catalonia’s Superior Court of Justice (TSJC) to comply with a 25% sentence, the government has approved a decree refusing to establish a minimum quota of subjects in Spanish . Maintaining Catalan as the sole vehicle language obliges schools and their directors to follow the guidelines of the Generalitat and, therefore, continue to enforce linguistic immersion.

The decree – which will come into force in the next 24 hours – promotes the non-application of numerical parameters, proportions or percentages in the teaching and use of languages, that is, it explicitly refuses to comply with the TSJC’s ruling, which generalitat need to take necessary measures. It is necessary to guarantee that all students receive instruction effectively and promptly through the use of common vehicles of two official languages ​​in the prescribed percentage and this in no case shall be less than 25%. ,

Percentages cannot be applied to languages ​​used. Language learning can never be done with percentages. It is impossible to approve a monolithic regulation in the Catalan region, the spokesman for the Catalan executive argued, Patricia PlazaTo testify to the disobedient will of the Government headed by Peter Aragons,

Instead of accepting the punishment and ordering the directors of all centers to enforce it, the Generalitat’s Department of Education will demand that schools adapt their language projects to existing regulations. In other words, they comply with the Catalan Education Law (LEC) and the new law designed by the PSC, ERC, JUNTS and. GeneralWhich, once approved in Parliament, will continue to prestige Catalan as the sole vehicle language and avoids committing to teaching another core subject in Spanish as demanded by the TSJC.

The Generalitat shall review and verify the said language projects and ensure that they comply with this regulatory framework. If they are not adapted, they will be modified, the government spokesman said, proving that the Catalan government would deprive the centers of any autonomy to enforce the sentence.

In fact, Education Minister Dr. Josep Gonzalez-Cambre, Send specific instructions to the directors on the linguistic governance of Catalan schools this Tuesday. The government says that both these orders, as well as the decree and the law that the PSC agrees to, seek to protect the directors and the ministers take all responsibility for the legality of the maneuvers being carried out to circumvent the punishment. In practice, this tighter control over schools also means a ban on those responsible for schools that want to enforce 25% of Spanish. It should be remembered that the prosecutor’s office warned the directors that they could incur criminal liability if they did not implement the High Court’s decision.

The government points to schools that they should implement what has been decided in its decree from the 2022-2023 academic year, despite the fact that the TSJC 15 days ago demanded that it be implemented next Wednesday, June 1. Punishment should be implemented in all schools. of Catalonia.

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