Government drops 25% of Spanish in its school plan for the next course


In some of the new guidelines sent to directors, Generalitat avoids setting a minimum quota of Spanish required by the TSJC

President of the Generalitat, Pere Aragon
President of the Generalitat, Pere Aragon.EFE

The government continues to prove its intention to introduce 25% of Spanish in Catalonia’s schools. Not immediately, as required by the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia, but also for the next academic year.

This is projected from the Guidelines for the Organization and Management of Educational Services for the 2022-2023 academic year, which the Generalitat sent to the directors of the centers last Tuesday, 7 June and which avoids any reference to a minimum fee . of Castilian imposed by the High Court to ensure the number of vehicles of Spanish in schools throughout Catalonia.

The document, to which this newspaper has access, mentions the possibility of teaching materials only in Spanish, especially in contexts where Spanish is not the first language of most students, to guarantee that at the end of compulsory education , let’s say the same level as the official languages.

With this vacancy also, directed by the Department of Education Josep Gonzalez-Cambre This avoids guaranteeing that all schools in the region will teach at least one more core subject in Spanish from next year onwards, as dictated by a landmark judgment that undermines the foundations of immersion.

These guidelines were sent to the centers a day ago to ERC, PSC, JUNTS and General They will approve in Parliament the linguistic law with which they intend to protect immersion from judicial action. A criterion that neither recognizes Spanish as vehicles nor refers to percentages and which will be appealed before the Constitutional Court.

After learning of the latest instructions from the Generalitat, Ciudadanos escalated the complaint to the prosecutor’s office that he filed against Cambre for disobeying the sentence, noting that “in any case the order to deliberately exclude the guarantee given and in percentage it guarantees the vehicle nature of 25%, teaching in Spanish”.

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