Government expands public employment offer: Largest in history with nearly 30,000 locations


The distribution is as follows: 15,880 new jobs, 9,591 for internal promotion and 4,107 more for stabilization. The result is 5,000 net new jobs

Minister of Finance and Affairs
Minister of Finance and Public Administration, Maria Jesus Monteiro.EFE
  • public event The government has promised to hold talks with the officers on wage hike from next week.

The government and civil servants unions have agreed on the largest offer of public employment in history. Total 29,578 places For the General Administration of State (AGE), not counting state security forces and bodies, the armed forces or the administration of justice, that represents an additional increase compared to the nearly 27,000 places introduced last week. Public.

As reported by both CSIF and UGT, the places are distributed as follows: 15,880 new entrants, representing an increase of 29% compared to 2021; 9,591 for internal promotion, about 2% more than last year; and 4.107 ms for stabilization.

The amount of the proposal, which is expected to be approved by the Council of Ministers tomorrow, comes at a complex economic time and to deal with “massive” retirements and will continue to be in AGE. In fact, the forecast is that the ability of History will repeat itself in the years to come Given the needs presented by the administration, and the government of Sanchez, the desire is not only to retain but to expand the public workforce. so that this offer Create about 5,000 net jobs,

“The government has finally realized that there is a serious personnel need that our state administration has to suffer and we have agreed to a historic job offer for this year with nearly 29,000 positions. We have never received such an offer., “It has cost us weeks of negotiations,” says CSIF president Miguel Bora. “Employment services, social security, tax agency, ministries or research centers have done little over the years, attracting the attention of our clients. Citizens. Plus, there are thousands of people who will be retiring soon.”

“The agreement includes measures to streamline selection processes through social dialogue, as demanded by UGT Servios Publicos,” the association says. “At present, only the interval between the publication of the motion and the actual summons may take more than two yearsTherefore, the personnel are not adequately catered to serve the citizens. To achieve this, the call will be published in the same exercise that has been OEP approved and the maximum time between exercises forming the opposition phase of the free shift will be reduced, in order to significantly reduce the duration of the selection process,” Explain the sources of UGT.

salary negotiation

The next step in the field of public functions will be salary negotiations, which the ministry has already promised, once the job offers are approved, ie starting this week. Unions demand a multi-year plan that allows officersrecover lost purchasing power“That is, public wages tend to rise from inflation when private sector workers are asked to compromise income and, therefore, admit to losing purchasing power.

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