Government finalizes NATO summit: 10,000 security agents and dinner working at Prado museum


It remains to be determined whether the airspace in Madrid will be closed to prevent infiltration during the days of the Alliance meeting.

Jens Stoltenberg and Pedro So
Jens Stoltenberg and Pedro Sánchez at a meeting held in Moncloa in May to prepare for the summit.ferdinand baldomoncloa
  • international NATO expects Zelensky to personally attend Madrid summit
  • government Podemos opposes holding a NATO summit in Madrid and calls for it to be replaced with a meeting for peace

In Ministry of Interior They have some doubts. The security equipment to face the next NATO summit will be one of the most important in Spain’s history. maybe to compare barcelona gameThe Seville Expo Or the 1982 World Cup.

and for that, governmentThe community of madrid And this City Hall An enormous amount of capital would put human and material resources on the table. According to sources in the interior, the deployment which is already being done in the embryonic stage, will involve over 10,000 state security agents from various bodies.

According to these sources, it will be the National Police which will take up the operations in the calendar raising its alert level to the maximum between 28th to 20th of this month. There will be 6,550 national police, 2,400 civil guards and municipal police and firefighters. More than 10,000 agents point from the interior, where they recall that Spain is at level 4 of the anti-terrorism alert. They point out that the complexity of the operation is maximum, as it is not only about giving coverage to the 31 delegations (with their heads of state and their security equipment), but also covering the alternative agenda of the comrades.

And one of the key days for the security framework will be on the 29th, when heads of state and delegations hosted a working dinner, which seems to be crucial in the summit’s resolution. Prado Museum, There, the government plans to hold a working meeting to bring NATO closer to the European Union. Those in charge of logistics for the summit are doing a number of works at the museum to establish a venue to commemorate this summit within the summit, without using any of the museum’s picture rooms.

It remains to be determined whether the airspace in Madrid will be closed to prevent infiltration during the days of the Alliance meeting. But it is defined that the police, within Operation IreneThe drone will begin its special deployment to deal with threats. From the interior, so far, they have not detected a clear threat. They are receiving daily reports from CITCO ,Intelligence Center Against Terrorism and Organized Crime) about conditions that may affect a moving safety device.

Sources in this department state that a special deployment has been planned to cover possible incidents in critical infrastructure, but they have denied the military’s involvement in the security plan to face the NATO summit.

The Security Department understands that Madrid will have some difficult days during the summit but appeals for your understanding and patience as this summit is very important for Spain.

establishments being built in ephema They occupy the same space as five soccer fields to host the summit, point to these sources, pointing out that one of the key points of security tools to prevent potential cyber attacks, where the CNI plays a major role. Will be

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