Government honors 40 executives from Netflix and other studios: Lunch with Pedro Sánchez and a weeklong trip from Madrid to the Canary Islands


The executive has mobilized four ministries to apprise the great ‘heads’ and giants of the ‘streaming’ plan, Spain, Europe’s audiovisual hub, with an investment of over 1,600 million

Queen Letizia and Minister Reyes Maroto with US officials.
Queen Letizia and Reyes Marotto with officers.EM

Spain inherits the American audiovisual industry. Stops in Madrid, Seville, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Santa Cruz de Tenerife are on the full agenda for this week of more than 40 North American representatives of cinema, television and. streamingfive of which are major. are officers of big companies American (Paramount, Warner Bros. Discovery, Walt Disney, NBCUniversal and Sony Pictures) and newer platforms, of which Netflix stands above the rest. Brands like Amazon, AMC Networks or Amblin (founded by Steven Spielberg) are part of the delegation.

This Monday, this large delegation had lunch with Pedro Sánchez, the President of the government; With Economic Vice President Nadia Calvio; and with the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto. Earlier, first thing in the morning, Maroto has also participated in a regional information session chaired by Queen Letizia.

NBC consists of North American executives such as Veronica Sullivan from Universal, or Brendan Fitzgerald from Sony, according to data collected by EL Mundo. The Motion Picture Association (MPA), the centennial organization of North American cinematography, joins these representatives of the audiovisual industry, this Tuesday. They will also visit the Netflix studio in Tres Cantos and on Wednesday they will travel to Seville, as learned by this newspaper. The city has taken on a symbolic charm since hosting the filming of the series. game of ThronesFrom HBO, which later moved to more Spanish locations, from the Valencian community to the Basque Country.

The meeting is a response to a visit that Sanchez made to Los Angeles in July last year, when he met with executives from major international production companies to present plans for Spain, Europe’s audiovisual hub. Public investment of over 1,600 million euros by 2025,

The visit to Spain, which was pending and has not been easy due to the pandemic, has been organized by the Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure, led by Roberto Sanchez; by the export arm of ICEX-Invest in Spain, as CEO of Mara Pea; and by the Spain Film Commission, headed by Carlos Rosado. It was already an important role in the pioneering arrival of game of Thrones to Spain through the Andaluca Film Commission, an act in which James Costos (former US ambassador to Spain, later director of HBO and current president of Secuoya Studios, the aforementioned set where Netflix currently shoots in Madrid) also participated . And they are the largest of that company within the European Union).

Hospitality to US officials include representatives from at least four ministries, in addition to the chief executive. Thus, not only the profile of economic affairs and industry have intervened, but also the benefits of the country have been presented by the Deputy Directorate General for Management and Coordination. migratory flow (with Teresa Victoria Udondo, dependent on the ministry of Jose Luis Escrive) or in favor of directorate general of taxes (with Maria José Garde, from the department of Maria Jess Monteiro).

Details of Sanchez’s plan

Spain has a plan of 1,603 million euros for the period 2021–2025, with the aim of increasing the audiovisual production in the country by 30%, a measure of the success of the project or not, then, already in the next legislation. Board.

To facilitate access to financing and to introduce tax incentives, calculated to be €1,330 million, the bulk of the scheme is dependent on the Official Credit Institution (ICO) and the National Innovation Company (ENISA), which is the Spanish Company of With the support of export credit. INSURANCE (CESCE) AND COFIDES.

In addition, 240 million euros will be devoted to turning the country into production hotspots, for example through the digitization of the country’s industry. With 15 million euros, the goal is to update Training for workers in sector companiesIn collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, led by Pilar Allegra, and the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade, led by Reyes Marotto.

Finally, there is a budget of 18 million euros to improve regulation. late motif To finish Administrative barriers for those who appear as immigrants for reasons of economic interestEither in the new general audiovisual communication law or in the film law.

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