Government implores victims of terrorism in its International Congress


Sanchez reduced the executive’s presence to the general director of victims. Absence of any minister hinders the participation of kings

Government chairman Pedro S.
The chairman of the government, Pedro Sanchez.EM
  • Spain Victims of terrorism call for ending acts of recognition of ETA members
  • terror ETA victims called a demonstration in Madrid on 2 April under the slogan ‘Everything doesn’t go’ against Marlaska’s policy. treacherous government

Neither Pedro Sánchez nor any of his ministers will attend the International Congress of Victims of Terrorism in Spain.

Next 14th and 15th June Madrid’s Canal Theatre, A new international meeting of victims will be held, which will be held for the first time community of madrid The seven previous ones along with CEU were conducted by the university. Seu San Pablo.

According to organization sources, the government has denied its involvement and sent the organizers to contact the Directorate of Victims of Terrorism of the Interior Ministry; That is, at the third administrative level.

The presence of the royal family, who have always been involved with the victims at whatever functions their agenda has allowed them to attend, was a constant. The absence of government slows down its presence. Kings should always be accompanied by a minister. In the organisation, the absence of government in general and the head of the interior, Fernando Grande-Marlasca, in particular, has been surprising. Zarzuela’s official reason is that the king and queen have “scheduling problems”.

Some sources explain that the fact that the community of Madrid, which is organizing the event, has prevented both Monclo’s participation. Operata.

It has been the right hand of Isabel Daz Ayuso in the Interior, Minister Enrique López, who is in charge of organizing this meeting with the CEU, in which four roundtables will be moderated by journalists from 13TV, Admit card,abc, The Debate and Telemadrid. Another TVE journalist would be someone who does pilots all day.

Politicians and security and internal experts will attend the first table. Among others, who was the Minister of Interior and Justice with the PSOE government, Juan Alberto Beloch, The one who was Secretary of State for Security with PP, Ignacio Estarloaand the head of the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Office in Madrid, Ignatius Ibiza.

Organizers will hold a second table in which the victims of ETA terrorism and 11-M will speak. sons of Alberto You Essen Jiménez Baseril.

Another table will be made up of representatives of state security forces and bodies who have stood in the fight against ETA terrorism. Among others will be colonels of the Civil Guard. Diego Perez de los Cobos, He was dismissed by Grande-Marlasca for refusing to provide information from the judicial summary. Praz de los Cobos, which has been vetoed by the minister in his promotion as general, was one of the important pieces of the Civil Guard in the fight against the ETA. One of the attendees will be a former information commissioner of the National Police. German Castiera.

In addition, a fourth table is planned that includes foreign victims of other terrorist plots such as IRA Wave’s Fark.

The conference will be opened by Enrique López, Minister of the Interior of the Madrid government. The bandh will be executed by regional president Isabel Diaz Ayuso.

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