Government ready to study reducing voting age to 16


The Youth Strategy 2030, approved in the previous Council of Ministers, also proposes to extend menstrual sick leave to the educational sector.

A young woman voted in municipal and autonomous elections
A young woman voted in the 2011 municipal and regional elections.ernesto capers

The 2030 Youth Strategy proposes to “promote public debate on lowering the voting age to 16” with the aim of encouraging young people’s participation in politics.

This was explained this Thursday by the General Director of the Youth Institute (Injuve), Teresa Perez, who accompanied the Minister of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda, Ioan Bellara, in the presentation of the said document.

Approved in the previous Council of Ministers, the strategy consists of 12 thematic axes and two transverse natures: equality between men and women and the Green Agenda.

It is committed to the creation of a public rental housing stock aimed at young people, promoting their inclusion in the labor market, ensuring quality health and education, increasing their access to higher education with more scholarships and grants, and Supporting the sustainability of the people they live in the rural world.

abortion law

In her speech, Bellara thanked young people “for being feminists, protecting the rights of women and LGBTI people.”

“Thanks to her campaign, this week we can celebrate a new abortion law, for which I want to congratulate my colleague Irene Monteiro and the entire Equality Ministry,” he declared. “Not only are we going to guarantee that abortions can be done safely and free of charge in the public health system,” he continued, “but we are going to recover this right for 16- and 17-year-old women. “

In addition, “we are committed to sex-effective education that prevents unwanted pregnancies and promotes satisfying sexually-effective relationships free of violence.” In her opinion, “this is how sexist and hate speech is prevented: to proceed without fear in the extension of rights.”

The minister also had words for young people committed to environmental protection, who “remind us that we have no spare planet and the time to face the climate emergency is now”. “You have shown that you can change everything when the youth are organized,” he said.

In this sense, Belara expressed “great faith in the younger generations” despite the negative messages that, in some instances, “even from the pulpits”, are sometimes launched against it.

He referred to mental health care, which was also considered in the strategy, which proposes the inclusion of psychologists in the educational system, in the same way as for labor counselors.

loss of menstruation in the academic field

Teresa Prez also highlighted the importance of the new abortion law, which includes recognition of reproductive abuse as a form of violence, comprehensive sex education at all educational stages, and sick leave for menstrual health.

In this line, the strategy proposes that these disadvantages should be respected in the educational sector as well, he indicated. “If you’re in a lot of pain, dizziness, nausea or fainting, you can’t focus clearly or pay attention in class, so you should stay home from high school or college,” he declared, and “that absence doesn’t matter.” may result in any form of punishment or academic bias”.

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