Government talks largest public employment offer in full recession and in the face of “massive” retirement


The proposal for unions is for at least 27,000 positions for the General State Administration (AGE), which data officers are expected to take up as they consider it inadequate.

Minister of Finance and Public Functions, Maria Jess Monteiro, at the Seville Fair last week.
Minister of Finance and Public Functions, Maria Jess Monteiro, at the Seville Fair last week.EFE

Government offered to unions yesterday A new public employment offer with historical data That, in addition, representatives of civil servants are expected to increase, predictably, negotiations close next Thursday. According to sources from both CSIF and UGT, the data is as follows: About 14,000 free access locations; Over 9,000 internal promotions; And about 4,000 additional stabilization data, the latter data that will be addressed again today in a new meeting between the civil service and unions and it is quite possible that this will grow into something more.

they are, therefore, Between 27,000 to 28,000 seats For General State Administration (AGE) without relying on security forces and bodies. Unprecedented data which is especially powerful in the case of places with free access. and you’re trading Undoubtedly complicated economic momentWith the growth of the economy which was promised by the government and exposed to many uncertainties arising from the war that started in Ukraine.

For unions, however, the figures are still insufficient, and they feel weighty for two reasons. On the one hand, because the administration submits Soldiers lost up to 54,000 jobs In the last ten years, that is, ever since it began to suffer the consequences of the financial crisis. On the other hand, because AGE is completely out of date, and the government itself admits that this is already happening A “huge” retirement process, So much so that by 2031 about 100,000 civil servants and government employees will leave their posts.

“According to the development of registration and registration in the General State Administration for Civil Servant Career and Permanent Employment (AGE), a ten-year trend projections Shows heavy losses of soldiersWith 59.64% of the current workforce retiring [99.772 efectivos]Maria explains in a document prepared last year to the Ministry of Public Administration directed by Jess Monteiro.

,AGE is in at least one precarious state, and that necessitates a massive job offer. The proposal is projected to create only 4,000 net jobs and it will take two to three years to take effect”, underline the CSIF sources. It’s very complicated. A good example of what’s happening is Social Security, which has grown from 30,000 to 23,000 employees, and now has more benefits to manage than ever”, they agree in UGT.

multi-year agreement

Similarly, unions defend that planning for several years is necessary. A multi-year resolution to stopThe model of governance, as we know it, goes to hell“, affect. On the other hand, the government has been unwilling to accept this type of agreement for many years, as signed by the previous Minister of Finance and Public Administration, Cristóbal Montoro. And this point to the union representatives So important that if they don’t get it, they are willing not to sign the agreement.

what for now Wage hike of civil servants has not been discussed, a point that would be even more complicated than a job offer. The government is asking private workers for an income settlement to avoid an inflationary spiral, and public workers have already made their demands clear: recover the purchasing power lost in recent years, for which inflation has helped. has increased above.

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